Gigi Hadid shares the most romantic photo with Zayn Malik, the father of the baby who is waiting

The news of Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy caught all her fans off guard  , thus becoming the most unexpected (and happy) thing in complete confinement. Ever since the model made it public, fans of the relationship between the model and Zayn Malik have not stopped paying attention to every news that emerged on social networks. In fact, since Gigi Hadid announced she was expecting a baby and until she showed hertummy  for the first time long. But now the model gives free rein to her feelings through social networks and, this time, the protagonist is the future father of her daughter, the former member of One Direction . 

Gigi Hadid revealed her love to Zayn Malik on social networks

This has been, without a doubt, the   most historic baby boom of  celebrities  and  influencers  in the world. However, we have reason to think that Gigi Hadid’s with Zayn Malik has been the most commented. Given her romantic background and emotional ups and downs between the couple, no one was expected to find the artist celebrating the model’s birthday in full confinement. Birthday in which all doubts about their reconciliation were cleared . What no one expected was that such reconciliation was so serious that now they are both expecting a baby together. 

Gigi Hadid shares the most romantic photo with Zayn Malik check out

Under the title “baby daddy ☺️”, Gigi Hadid shared this romantic and homemade photo with Zayn Malik , which everyone is applauding in the last hours. Hailey Bieber has left a lot of love emoticons to her friend (“💕💕💘💘💘💘”), Adriana Lima has sent blessings to the whole family and Martha Hunt has left a sigh of love at this snapshot. Gigi Hadid will not be long in coming out of accounts and there is a lot of expectation created around her future baby, who fans of the model will be pending 24/7. Meanwhile, Gigi does not hesitate to show her love for her daughter’s father every two by three, who stays further away from the media focus and with dropper posts on their social networks. 

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