Rapper And DMX Actor Dies At 50

The 50-year-old artist was in a coma for several days after suffering a heart attack

According to his family has communicated to Pitchfork, DMX has passed away at the age of 50. The rapper was hospitalized on April 2 after suffering an apparent overdose, which led to a heart attack, when the musician was at his home in White Plains (New York).
In the statement shared by his relatives, those close to DMX have confirmed that the artist has died in the White Plains hospital. ” We appreciate all the love and all the support you have given us in these difficult times ,” they state in the letter.

Born in Baltimore (Maryland), Earl Simmons, aka DMX, managed throughout his career to establish himself as an important rapper in the sector.

 He was signed to Def Jam, released internationally acclaimed albums such as ” … And Then There Was X ” or “It’s Dark And Hell It’s Not,” and even dared to make his first footsteps into cinematic territory with appearances in films like “Romeo Debe Die”. 

His latest work, entitled “Undisputed,” was released in 2012. Rest in peace, Earl.

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