Anuel AA Net Worth (2021) Biography, Age, Height, And More

Who is Anuel AA and what is Anuel AA Net Worth?

Anuel AA Net Worth: Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, known in the world of music as Anuel AA, is a young rapper and singer who has a net worth of $20 million, As of 2021. He was born on November 27, 1992, in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and is the son of Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey, who was a musician and vice president of A&R for Sony Music in Puerto Rico.

Real Name:
Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago
Best Known:Anuel AA
November 26, 1992
Nationality:Puerto Rican
Place of birthCarolina, Puerto Rico
Net Worth$20 million
Astrological sign:Sagittarius
Age:28 Years Old
Height:5ft 6in (168 cm)
Weight:In Kilograms – 70 Kg In Pounds – 154 lbs
Eye color:Dark Brown
Parents Name:Father –Jose Gazmey Mother –Nilda Santiago
Hair color:Black

Childhood, Youth and Family Life of Anuel AA

Anuel AA is a native of Carolina, Puerto Rico, in that city he grew up with his parents, Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey; He also served as a musician and businessman, in addition to becoming, at some point in his life, the vice president of Sony Music in Puerto Rico. Anuel AA carried out his first studies in basic education at the María Auxiliadora school and, while he was growing up, he acquired diverse knowledge; but it was on the street where he lived the most; which leads us to suppose that this environment provided him with many lessons. As a child, he showed great interest in music, especially rap and hip hop, genres with which he developed skills for composition and singing.

This musician was a very rebellious teenager, to the point of facing charges for possession of weapons and drugs and driving under the influence of alcohol. For the same reasons, he did not complete his high school studies and obviously did not go to university either. His life was parties and enjoyment because it was in the streets where he spent most of his time, at night parties and street fights. The future of the young man did not look promising given the constant problems and conflicts in his life; however, the good in his spirit prevailed and he moved on. An example of this is the indescribable passion that Anuel AA feels for music, which allowed him to get back on the right track and achieve fame.

Anuel AA Net Worth
Anuel AA /Photo

Anuel AA’s Beginnings in Music

Determined to make a space for himself in the music industry, Anuel AA set out on the path to achieving it. In 2010 he had the opportunity to work with the Maybach Music record label, owned by the American rapper Rick Ross. With this, he recorded his first song, “Demonia”, together with the renowned urban music singer Ñengo Flow; which was promoted by the official social networks of both singers. Ñengo Flow is an artist with a wide musical career, and for that reason, it is not difficult to imagine that with his support Anuel AA would become popular so quickly. However, the credits and the success that the song obtained also correspond to the capacities and enormous artistic talent of Anuel AA. Although it seems that the Puerto Rican singer had achieved fame out of nowhere, his success did not happen suddenly, behind there was hard work that little by little made him known to make his way in the middle.

He continued working on other themes, which remained unpublished, to get his music to achieve public recognition and acceptance. The event that turned his life 180 degrees was the unexpected collaboration and support of one of the most acclaimed exponents of urban music: Ozuna; who in 2014 gave him a direct pass to the main billboards of the genre, in Puerto Rico. During that same year, he gained significant popularity in his country and the United States, when he released a series of songs that made his rap and trap style known internationally.

The world of collaborations was not indifferent to Anuel AA, especially when this meant making himself known by participating with artists totally accepted in the urban musical environment; with those who dabble in reggaeton. Thus, in 2015 he recorded, together with Jory Boy, a song that was widely recognized at the national level, such as “Nacimos Pa ‘Morir”, and with which he managed to captivate the audience because he hit on what the public wanted to hear at that moment. The song went viral on all the singers’ social networks, after reaching top positions on various billboards of the urban genre; Also, hundreds of reproductions were counted on various digital platforms, such as YouTube, where it stood out with more than 300 thousand views.

At the beginning of 2016, he became known worldwide with the song “La Ocasión”, a song in which the voices of Ozuna, Arcángel, and De La Ghetto are heard. The song was written and produced by Hear This Music and, in terms of its achievements, it had a considerable reach with more than 500 million views on its official YouTube video. With no less success they followed songs such as “Culpables”, along with Mike Durán, and “Ella y yo”, in the company of Farruko, Tempo, Almighty, and Pepe Quintana; all considered as emblematic exponents of this genre and with great repercussion in urban Latin music.

At that time Anuel AA seemed to be on the cusp of success, with an international recognition that promised much; However, his musical career had a serious setback as of April 3, 2016, when he was arrested and sentenced a year later. That news shook the world of contemporary urban music. However, the artist did not withdraw from the musical endeavor.

Musical genre of Anuel AA

The genre that identifies the singer’s sound is the Latin trap; Also, his musical style is recognized by the explicit content of his lyrics since, many of them, refer to themes related to sex, the carrying of weapons, or the consumption of drugs, narrated in the urban style of the street that formed a great part of his culture and personality. Anuel AA’s artistic criteria consist of constructing a real and coherent narrative that puts in context the situations and life that any ordinary person has on the streets.

It is important to note that the songs of the reggaeton do not sound on any radio circuit, national and international, due to the high content of violent material and bad words that their lyrics contain, which still retain the style and rawness in the songs with which he became famous.

Anuel AA Net Worth
Anuel AA /Photo

Trajectory and Legacy of Anuel AA

On July 17, 2018, Anuel AA returns to the musical world with the release of his first studio album, “Real hasta la Muerte”; made up of 12 songs that had a commercial release thanks to the singer’s independent record label, called Real Hasta La Muerte, Inc. It should be noted that this material was published on the same day the artist was released. Each of the musical proposals on this album no longer conserves the themes and street style that it was known in its beginnings, on the contrary, in this album commercial themes are presented with lyrics suitable for all types of audiences; although the album was written during the singer’s prison.

This record work has an important meaning for Anuel AA, which in turn responds to the title “; phrase said by the reggaeton since the beginning of his career and for which he is recognized today. “Real Hasta La Muerte is everything that I have lived, what I saw and what I am going to live. What I was, what I am, and what I am going to be. That is my soul, that is pain, suffering, happiness. Real Until Death is me. My whole life and what happens in the whole world. My life, everything that I have lived ”, explained the interpreter. The details of the album were known on July 18, 2018, in an interview with Billboard magazine, where Anuel AA explained that the recording material for “Real hasta la Muerte” they worked on more commercial issues to show that he changed and is no longer a negative person for society; Above all, because most of his audience is children and adolescents, and he does not want to influence or exhort innocent people to commit crimes and go through the same negative experiences as him.

The most prominent songs on the album are “Na´ nuevo”, “She wants to drink”, “Modo de Avión”, “Bandolera” and “Hypocrita”; the latter he performed together with the Puerto Rican singer Zion, the song shows the new versatility of Anuel AA and was crowned with success on digital music platforms, where it reached more than 10 million digital downloads by streaming. It also has an official video, published on YouTube, where it became a trend among search engines from Peru, Colombia, and Chile, and achieved position number 30 on the video platform. The construction of the audiovisual material was in charge of the Venezuelan producer Nuno Gomes, who has extensive experience in the medium from working with other artists of the genre.

Anuel AA Net Worth
Anuel AA /Photo

On the other hand, the album includes the voices of guests such as Ozuna, Ñengo Flow, Zion, and Wisin. Thanks to this production, Anuel AA earned the title “The true exponent of trap”, for building an album that in addition to being a musical trend, became in 2018 one of the Latin albums with the most reproductions worldwide in less than 24 hours, on Apple Music. The same year he undertook his first musical tour, which was destined for several cities in the United States.

Also 2018, in October, Anuel AA collaborates with 6ix9ine on the song “Baby”, which was positioned at the top of various music charts. A month later, Anuel AA debuts the single “Guilty”, with the participation of his current partner, Karol G.

That same year the artist released several singles, including: “Toast”, “The last time”, “What would be” and “Amanece”.
At the beginning of 2019, Anuel AA and Karol G released the song “Secreto”, accompanied by the official video, under the production of the Universal Music record label. The song was composed by both singers with the collaboration of Ezequiel Rivera and Henry de La Prida.

On July 19 of that year, the singer launched his debut song “China”, featuring Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna & J Balvin, and in less than four months he obtained more than 850 million views on YouTube.

Also in 2019, the artist participated in several singles, among which are mentioned “Verte Ir”, along with DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Darell, Brytiago; “You say you’re going”, where Karol G participates; “Come and do it, ” with Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Arcángel; “Delincuente”, with Farruko and Kendo Kaponi; the remix version of “Tú no amas”, together with Karol G, Arcángel, DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, and the collaboration on the song “Cambio”, together with Ozuna. At the end of the year, he collaborates on the remixes of “Gan-ga”, with Bryant Myers; and from “, Ozuna and Snoop Dogg.

On January 21, 2020, Anuel AA appeared in the video for the single “Aventura”, along with Lunay and Ozuna; and at the beginning of the following month, he collaborated on “Medusa”, by Jhay Cortez, with Ozuna. On February 6 he released “Keii”, and “It was revealed”; with great repercussions, like almost all his singles.

Personal Life of Anuel AA

The most shocking event in Anuel AA’s personal life was the arrest on April 3, 2016, when he was leaving the prestigious Tabaco & Ron Lounge, San Juan nightclub, in Santurce, Puerto Rico. According to the authorities, the singer was seized several firearms of different models and denominations, in addition to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A year later he was sentenced to 30 months in jail and was confined in the federal prison of Puerto Rico, the charges against him were mainly possession of firearms and different ammunition. It is important to mention that the singer already had similar charges, and at the time of his arrest he was on probation.

In the same way, in the Court, where he was sentenced, the content of his songs was discussed and the content of his songs was questioned, due to his explicit lyrics that incited violence when talking about taking life, the sale of drugs, and the armed robbery. However, it could be shown that the artist never committed such actions and that these were only part of his artistic work, to obtain commercial sales. “I am going to show everyone that I am not that negative person that people believe in my music,” said Anuel AA at the time of hearing his sentence. Likewise, it was leaked from other sources that the imprisonment of the singer had to do with the relationship with the mobster Vladimir Orizolov, a famous drug trafficker; but this species was never verified.

For Anuel AA this was one of the hardest moments he had to go through in his life, also confessing that one of his worst fears materialized with this situation; what it was like to abandon his three-year-old son. He was also sorry and said he would do everything possible to learn from his mistakes and try in the future to be a better person, and serve as an example for his son. To the singer’s surprise, his fans expressed unconditional support for him through a march outside the Guaynabo prison in Puerto Rico. While he was in prison, Anuel AA never lost contact with his music producer and took advantage of the confinement to put his life in order and get back on the right track. He dedicated himself to composing songs with lyrics with positive messages and putting aside the violence that his previous songs had.

In 2017, still in jail, Anuel AA was involved in a new legal problem, but this time it was he who sued, along with his father José Gazmey, the record company to which he belonged, called Maybach Music Latino, for violating his copyright and misuse of the image, while the reggaeton was deprived of freedom. According to official media, the conflict originated because the record company decided to commercialize the singer’s musical themes without his consent, in addition to appropriating all the profits from sales, downloads, and streaming thereof. “Ash in the ashtray” and, “Sola (Remix)”, are among the songs that led to the lawsuit, despite having become great commercial successes. The official release of Anuel AA from jail was on July 17, 2018, then he had his first record production-ready.

In 2019 Anuel AA announces his relationship with the singer of the urban genre, Karol G. The couple revealed that they tried to hide their romance for almost three months because they wanted things to work without involving rumors or opinions of third parties. That same year, both of them, to avoid being separated, made the tour “Culpables Tour 2019” together.

The day Karol G turned 28, February 14, 2019, Valentine’s Day in many countries, Anuel AA proposed to her; and the singer gave him the YES.

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