Rachel Zoe’s Son Hospitalized After Falling From Ski Lift In Colorado

Rachel Zoe, the fetish stylist of the Hollywood star system, has lived one of the worst moments of her life. She watched her 9-year-old son fall off the chairlift more than 12 meters high. Luckily little Skyler is out of the woods.

The fashion designer, well known for having prominent Hollywood actresses among her clients, has reported the bad drink on her Instagram account, where she stated that this event has “marked her for life.” At the weekend I was with the family skiing and on Sunday the accident happened. Her eldest son, Sky Morrison, age nine and a half, fell off the chair lift and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

In colorado

The 49-year-old designer was skiing with her family when her son fell off the ski lift and had to be admitted to the emergency room

After the scare, “Sky is in a great mood, but sore and bruised, but otherwise a brave champion. Mom and Dad have scars for life, but Sky wanted to say this …”, adding a video of the little: “Hi everyone. I’m fine, just sore,” says the boy in the clip, getting out of bed in his pajamas. “To show you that I’m okay, I’m going to stand up, look, I can stand up and I can walk. Look, I’m totally fine, it’s just that I’m a little sore and it hurts a little, but I’m fine.” Then wave to the camera and smile.

Rachel Zoe's Son
Sky, 9 years old, in the hospital bed /instagram Photo

Zoe, 49, shared a photo of Sky in the hospital bed and wrote that “this situation should remind all of us how fragile life is and how it can change in a minute.” She added: “The result is that Sky is very well and he is the bravest boy I have ever met, but my husband and I are devastated, but today we wake up with gratitude for the miracle that Sky is safe and well.”

The designer did not say where the incident occurred, but in a previous post on her Instagram account, she indicated that the family may have been in Colorado over the weekend. Zoe has another son Kaius, 7, with her husband, Rodger Berman.

Rachel Zoe appreciated the affectionate displays of her more than three million followers and said that Sky “read all the messages and is as happy and grateful as I am to feel the love and healing that comes this way.”


“This situation should remind all of us how fragile life is and how it can change in a minute,” he wrote on his Instagram

Rachel Zoe's Son
Sky greeted his mother’s Instagram followers in a video

Zoe finally explained what happened on the scary stage on the slopes. “Yesterday, Sky fell 40 feet (12 meters) from a chairlift, which could have easily been avoided if the operator had stopped the elevator when he saw that Sky was not sitting well from the beginning and his father yelling to stop the elevator,” he writes . “It goes without saying that, by a miracle, the ski patrol heroes, who quickly put a mat under where they thought it would fall, finally saved his life or what might have happened.”

The designer assures that she and her husband have never been more grateful to see their son do the simplest tasks like “walk, talk and laugh,” wrote Zoe. “Truth be told, Sky was braver than any of us and we kept kissing, hugging and just looking at him until further notice.”

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