Paulinha Abelha Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Singer Paulinha Abelha died at age 43.

A news shock the fans of the band Calcinha Preta on the night of this Wednesday (23): the singer of the band, Paulinha Abelha, died as a result of a multisystem. The 43-year-old singer was hospitalized on February 11 after feeling unwell.

Paulinha was admitted to the hospital with dizziness and retching. Eleven days after the onset of symptoms, the singer was diagnosed with a kidney problem.

In a note published earlier this Wednesday, the hospital where Paulinha was hospitalized explained that the singer maintained “a neurological condition, without the need for medication to adjust pressure, breathing with the support of devices.” And “maintaining adequate oxygenation and requiring hemodialysis to adjust renal function.”

According to a note from Hospital Primavera, where the singer was hospitalized, Paulinha’s cause of death was a multisystem disorder.

In the last 24 hours, the singer “presented a significant worsening of neurological injuries, found on MRI, and associated with deep coma.”

The hospital started a brain death diagnostic protocol and confirmed the singer’s death.

Brain death, better known as brain death, means the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain functions. This can be due to an injury or severe inflammation, which prevents the brain from receiving blood from the body and dies.

What did Paulinha’s medical team say?

At a conference held this Tuesday (22), the doctors who took care of Paulinha explained what may have caused the injury that may have caused the singer’s death. Professionals said there is a possibility that medication used by the singer may have caused the injury that led the singer to fall into a coma and subsequently die.

The team said that some substance that is circulating in the patient’s body is causing “a cascade of inflammation or damage to these organs”.

Despite emphasizing that the substances used by Paulinha were under “supervised nature”. According to reports, Paulinha Abelha used drugs and diuretic and anti-inflammatory therapeutic formulas with medical supervision. Initially, the artist had been taken to the hospital after having kidney problems. However, at the health unit, it turned out that the situation was more delicate.

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