Paolo Pietrangeli Dies At The Age Of 76

MADRID. The Italian singer-songwriter, director, and screenwriter Paolo Pietrangeli died on November 22 in Rome, at the age of 76. Known for being the author of the famous song “Contessa”, which became a political anthem in the period of the great protest that began in 1968 and continued until 1977, he had been a member of the Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano since 1966. Not only the song ” Contessa ”, but also other compositions of his became very popular in the youth movements of the left from the great mobilizations of 1968. In addition to“ Contessa ”- which will later be re-released in the 90s by Modena City Ramblers – also the song“ Valle Giulia ”becomes an Italian anthem of ’68, with the story of the dramatic events of March 1, 1968, in Rome.

In 1974 Paolo Pietrangeli made his directorial debut with a documentary with a strong political impact: «Black and white», a trip to the world of Italian neo-fascism and a denunciation of the collusion between a part of the State and subversive sectors of the extreme right. A reality that will continue to be a sad leitmotif of those years.

In 1977 Pietrangeli directed the film “Porci con le ali” , and in 1980 “I giorni cantati”, in which Francesco Guccini also participated as a performer. In the following years, he will dedicate himself to television directing. Pietrangeli was born in Rome on April 29, 1945, with him goes another important piece of Italian composition and the memory of a fascinating period, full of passions and turbulent Italian history.

Here is one of his last interviews on the television program “Propaganda Live”, in May 2019.

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