Milli Vanilli’s Real Singer Dies At 66 From Covid-19

The one who was one of the most sensual voices of the duet has passed away, as reported by his daughter.

We hardly knew his face and very little his name, John Davis, but this singer with one of the most sensual voices of the late 80’s resonated on all the turntables of the time as he sang the hits of  Milli Vanilli, the duet that then became in king of tracks and radio formulas, winner of a Grammy, six platinum albums in the US and a Gold record in Germany for R&B-flavored pop songs like ‘Girl you know it’s true’. The bomb!

The reason why we hardly know John Davis, despite starring in one of the musical phenomena of the late twentieth century, is well known by the followers of Milli Vanilli and the young people who ran to buy his records and who reviewed one and a thousand times the video clip ‘Girl I’m Gonna miss you’ , which today boasts 159 million views on YouTube and which gave away a memorable picture: the supposed stars of this duet, the German of African-American origin Rob Pilatus and the French-Caribbean Fab Morvan , with perfect biceps and armpits, surf curls and Apollonian chins, sailing on a sailboat singing an intimate and deep ballad (as deep as the eyes of his two protagonists, one of them sea blue).

And we have said “supposed stars of that duet” because, as it became known later, Pilatus and Morvan only put their splendid bodies and a refined playback technique to the project, since those who really sang the songs, behind the scenes, were others, among them, John Davis, who died today, at the age of 66, due to Covid-19, as reported by his daughter, Jasmin.

“My father died this afternoon because of the coronavirus, ” he shared on the internet, “he made many people happy with his laughter and his smiles, his happy spirit, his love and, especially, his music. He gave so much to the world. Please give him his last round of applause. We will miss him. ”

After having had a Grammy in their hands and then losing it (the organization withdrew the award to Milli Vanilli when it was learned that those who were supposed to sing in the formation not only did not know how to tune, but they practically did not know English despite singing in that language ), and after the scandal that ended the band, John Davis tried to form a new group with another of the singers who lent their voice to the Milli Vanilli project, but he never achieved the success that he had achieved hidden behind the face of Rob Pilatus ( who died in 1988, at the age of 32) and Fab Morvan.

Later, John Davis embarked on various musical projects, until his death.

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