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John Davis, a singer whose vocals were heard by millions on the hit 1988 single “Girl You Know It’s True” – even as his identity remained the secret behind the lip-syncing duo Milli Vanilli – has died of Covid-19. John Davis’ Net Worth is $5 million at the time of his death.

The case of Mili Vanilli was one of the greatest frauds in the history of music, and it is still remembered today after three decades. A pre-made duo made up of two singers and dancers who weren’t actually singing. The deception was soon discovered and both fell from grace. John Davis was one of the true vocal talents within the duo, an artist who passed away at age 66 due to complications from the coronavirus.

Davis sang on the group’s 1989 hit album Girl You Know It’s True. He was not the only one, there were more real voices that participated but did not appear later in the credits. The honors went to Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus. The aforementioned album became a true worldwide success, sold more than 11 million copies and even won the Grammy Award in 1990 in the category of a best new artist. It was that same year that justice was served, and record producer Frank Farian confessed that they were lip-syncing. The award was then withdrawn from them.

David was born in the United States, but moved to Germany to begin his career there. His voice was heard and applauded by millions of fans, but always under the guise of the group he worked for, Milli Vanilli. Producer Farian was the one who discovered him and hired him for his vocal quality.

The news led to the end of his career, one of the most embarrassing episodes in pop history, and Pilatus, one of the band’s members, died in 1998 of an overdose at the age of 32. After the scandal, Davis and his bandmate, Brad Howell, formed the group The Real Milli Vanilli. They only released one album, The Moment of Truth, in 1991, of which three singles were released, achieving success in Germany.

A scandalous fraud

His adventures began in the late 1980s, when German producer Frank Farain, the same one who launched Boney M, decided to ‘manufacture’ a pop group that would sweep through teenage girls. Then he found Rob and Fab, two handsome dancers, who did not sing exactly as the audacious manager would have wanted.

On the other hand, his way of dancing and his image (colored contact lenses, hair full of braids and very tight pirate pants) would be all the rage among his followers. Rob and Fab just had to move their lips and behind them, two real singers would bring the voices. And so, in 1988, Milli Vanilli was born. The duo swept the charts and in 1989 won the Grammy for Best New Artist.

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