Mary Jane Thomas Death Cause, Obituary, Hubby, Children & Funeral

The wife of singer Hank Williams Jr, who sang “Family Tradition,” has lost his wife, Mary Jane Thomas. They both married on July 1, 1990. They have two kids, named Katherine Williams-Dunning and Sam Williams. 

According to the family, Mary Jane Thomas was at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa, and a call was made to authorities at 5:00 PM. She was transferred to a hospital in that vicinity, where they pronounced her dead. However, she was believed to be 58 years old, but few of the news reports claim that she was 61.

She was a successful model and was featured in the campaigns of several brands like Hawaiian Tropic. Mary Jane was a local resident of Dayton Beach, Florida, and she was known for enjoying the beaches. She attended college and had a passion for becoming a model, and she became renowned for her few famous campaigns. She and Hank Williams Jr. met in 1985 after a concert in Washington State. 

They spent five years together before getting married. Moreover, it is said that it was Mary Jane’s first marriage and Hank Jr’s third.

Her two children from which, Sam Williams is a music performer, and Katherine Williams-Dunning, who passed away on June 13, 2020, in a vehicle accident. Although, the death news of Mary Jane Thomas has been one of the unfortunate incidents for Hank William’s family. 

However, Hank Junior’s daughters Holy Williams and Hilary from his other marriage to Becky White were both severely injured in an accident in 2006. 

It has been reported that Sam William is dealing with the sudden news of his mother’s death. The news has devastated all of her family, friends, and fans. Sam William wrote, “My dear Mama Mary Jane was a beautiful soul who forever affected everyone who knew her,” He further continued, “She had a smile and presence that lit up every room, and she never met a stranger she didn’t befriend. Her spirit was gentle and giving. She could take down a ten-point buck and fix dinner for her grandchildren at the same time!”

 “Now she gets to radiate from above with my sister Katherine Diana right by her side,” Sam Williams continued. “She grew up competing in baton and cheerleading and was one of Hawaiian Tropic’s top models. My father fell in love with the Daytona Beach beauty the minute he set eyes on her in the early 80s. They went on to live the most powerful love story of travel and hunting and raising a family.”

Our condolences go out to Mary Jane’s special ones at this time!


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