Who Was Katya Dyachenko? Death Cause, Obituary, Family, And Funeral

The young promise of rhythmic gymnastics was at home, which was hit by a Russian missile.

According to the United Nations, more than 78 Ukrainian children have died since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

One of the promises of Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics, Katya Dyachenko, 11, has died in one of the bombings that since February 24 have reduced Mariupol, the strategic port city, to rubble.

It has been Dyachenko’s coach, Anastasia Meshchanenkov, who has confirmed the death of her pupil. On her Instagram account, she wrote: “She had to conquer the world, but she died buried in the rubble. She had to conquer the stage and give smiles to the world. What are children to blame for?” She asked.

The minor was in her house, which received the impact of a Russian missile this Wednesday. According to the United Nations, at least 78 children have died since the Russian invasion began just a month ago.

The death of the gymnast has also been confirmed and lamented by the Ukrainian parliamentarian Anna Prutova on her Twitter account. “This is our gymnast Katya Dyachenko. She is 11 years old. She died under the rubble of her house in Mariupol when a Russian missile hit her earlier that day. She could have had a bright future ahead of her as a young Ukrainian champion. But in a second she was gone”.

Fellow gymnasts, such as the president of the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation  Iliana Raeva, have mourned her death. “I can’t believe it…our Ukrainian colleague shared this tragedy. This wonderfully cute creature is already an angel.”

Currently, we have no information regarding the funeral.

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