Marília Mendonça Died: What Happened To Her?

Fire department confirmed deaths this Friday afternoon.

A small plane crashed this Friday, at around 3:30 pm, near a waterfall in the Caratinga mountain range, in the interior of Minas Gerais. One of the fatal victims is singer Marília Mendonça. The aircraft is a twin-engine Beech Aircraft, from PEC Táxi Aéreo, from Goiás.

The fire department confirmed the singer’s death by note: “This Friday (5), a small aircraft, model Beech Aircraft, crashed in the rural area of ​​Piedade de Caratinga. CBMMG confirms that the aircraft was carrying the singer. Marília Mendonça and that she is among the fatal victims”.

The civil police of Minas Gerais, via Twitter, confirmed that three of the five crew members died in the accident.

The singer’s staff, which had initially released a statement confirming that the singer was alive, updated the position by disclosing the names of some of the fatal victims.

“With immense regret, we confirm the death of singer Marília Mendonça, her producer Henrique Ribeiro, her uncle and advisor Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, the pilot and co-pilot of the plane, whose names we will preserve at this time. The plane took off from Goiânia. bound for Caratinga/MG, where Marília would have a presentation tonight. At the moment, this is the information we have.”

Marília used the plane to go to a concert in Caratinga. Before boarding, she even filmed a video of her getting on the plane and posted it on Twitter. Moments after the crash, fans began to suspect on social media that it was the singer’s plane crash.

Information released by Anac indicates that the plane was in a regular condition — that is, it had authorization for an air taxi — and was manufactured in 1984. The investigation of the aircraft crash will be carried out by the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA ), as Globonews anticipated.

On Twitter, “Marília Mendonça” became one of the most talked-about topics this Friday afternoon. Among the tweets, fans concerned about the singer’s health and other users point out the similarity of the accident with the one that led to the death of singer Gabriel Diniz (famous for the hit “Jennifer”), who died in 2019 after a jet crash.

Life and trajectory of Marília Mendonça

At 26 years old, Marília was one of the biggest names in the new generation of Brazilian country music. In 2015, she released her first EP, but recognition came even in 2016, when it sold 240,000 copies. The most famous song, “Infiel”, became the best known on the album, raising the singer to national visibility.

From then on, Marília has already accumulated: a nomination for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best Sertaneja Music Album” and in 2019 she launched a project with concerts recorded in all capitals of the country, called “Todos os Cantos”. With it, Marília won the Sertaneja Music category of the acclaimed music award.

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