LiZiqi Net Worth (Updated 2023) Earnings, Salary, Wiki

LiZiqi net worth in 2023

Li, popularly known as LiZiqi, is a Chinese internet celebrity, vlogger, and business tycoon. LiZiqi is the girl that made her way to the Genius World Record for having the most subscribers for a Chinese-language channel on YouTube. According to July 2023, LiZiqi net worth is $10 million USD.

Is Liziqi a CCP?

Liziqi is very cheap when it comes to PR; she charges the very least amount of public relations for the Chinese Communist Party. 


Life was not a bed of roses for Liziqi; she was orphaned at a very young age when it came to her family. Li once revealed that she moved to her grandfather’s residence after being mistreated by her stepmom. When it comes to her education, Liziqi was in middle school. Due to unexpected circumstances out of the blue, she decided to drop out.

She has struggled a lot, survival was not easy, yet she stood like a rock against all the hardships. Liziqi has set an idealized standard of living, Her entire journey taught us to vibe high, and the magic around us will unfold. Liziqi is emotionally very attached to her grandparents. She also did some low-level jobs before vlogging.

Net Worth 2023: $10 million USD.
Net Worth 2022:  $6,400,000 – $8,700,000
Date Of Birth:
July 6, 1990
Place Of Birth: Sichuan, China
Age: 32 years old
Education: middle school, drop out.
Skin: Glass skin
Skin Colour: Fair
Height: ft 152. In cm
Hair color: Brownish-black
Last Updated: 2023

Channel subscribers: 15.6 million on youtube, 34 million subscribers on Douyin, 22 million on Weibo.

LiZiqi Net Worth
LiZiqi / Photo

Why is liziqi so popular?

Liziqi is popular because of her traditional cooking, creativity, and artistic work. Her unique way of portraying rustic village life has captivated people. In addition, her videos give a sense of peace and relaxation

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LiZiqi net worth and Career.

In 2015, Liziqi started posting videos; her love for traditional cooking and artistic work made her do this. With the use of an iPhone 6, she used to shoot her video all alone. Liziqi faced a lack of appreciation, but she kept uploading videos until it was 2016 her video titled peach wine grabbed the attention of meipei, a Chinese online platform.

Her video was featured on the platform’s first page, the tables turned, and her channel was getting new followers. This was the most favorable time Liziqi held the grip gently; the soothing music and the art of captivating nature made the gateway to superstardom. By 2023, Liziqi is enjoying international fame worldwide.

Today liziqi is the most followed Youtube personality with 15.6 Million subscribers; what a milestone!

LiZiqi Net Worth
LiZiqi / Photo

How much does liziqi make a year?

Along with her earnings from her videos, she also has her online shop that provides us a wide range of daily routine accessories. Liziqi makes 168,000,000 Million yuan which is $23,000,000 US Dollars.

How much does liziqi make a month?

Liziqi makes 14,000,000 Million yuan which is USD 216283.02 in a month.

How much does liziqi make a day?

Liziqi channel gives an average of 3.2 million views per day. Apart from this, Liziqi also enjoys a silver spoon from her online shop. Her estimated per day income is 466,666 yuan which is USD 72,094.24.

LiZiqi Net Worth

Liziqi does not earn less than six digits, As of 2023 liziqi net worth is $10 million. She generates a great amount of revenue from her videos she is also earning from her website The Liziqi Store. 

LiZiqi Net Worth
LiZiqi / Photo

The Liziqi Store

Let’s take you inside the liziqi store; after receiving massive love and support, liziqi started her brand. She created her website with the name THE LIZIQI STORE. From head to toe to kitchen household essentials, the liziqi store has targeted our everyday essentials. They provide the best quality of goods, including dresses, shoes, handbags, home and kitchen products, and traditional Chinese elements. 

Liziqi’s lilac dyed dress from the grape pulp was the showstopper; She has great customer care service. As a result, we see her products more often on sale. Currently, some great spring sales are going on and free shipping on orders over 70 USD. 

We are attaching the link to her store below so that you could also avail of the season sale; I am obsessing over the grape dyed lilac dress. They also have a wide range of cute and breathable Chinese shoes.

Some more interesting facts about liziqi

  • Liziqi does not enjoy any advertisements because she wants to control the quality of her content and products.
  • She dyed a dress with grape peels.
  • She made a beautiful sofa swing.
  • Her culinary skills include making peach blossom wine, watermelon cake, and traditional Sichuan moon treats.
  • Liziqi has an amazing art of building a wood-firing out of clay.
  • She was trending on Twitter for wearing a hairpin made of bamboo leaves.
  • She is an amazing chef, and also a gardener.
  • Her fans praise her by saying a fairy with grace in Disneyland.


Does Liziqi have a husband?

Liziqi is very private when it comes to her relationship. Currently, there is no such confirmation about her husband or boyfriend.

Who are liziqi cameramen?

Liziqi inaugurated her career by shooting videos by herself until she became a brand herself; for a more professional touch, now she has a group of 3 individuals, an editor, and a personal assistant named Ming Guo.

Where is Liziqi now? Does she live alone?

Liziqi is currently living in her hometown, in the countryside of Mianyang in Southwest China’s Sichuan

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