Kleber Lopes Dies At 39 From Complications Of Covid-19

The comedian Kleber Lopes, who played the character Ricky Marcos in A Praça é Nossa, died this Sunday, 7, due to a cardiac arrest resulting from complications of the covid-19. SBT reported and regretted what had happened.

Lopes was 39 years old and had been hospitalized since Saturday, 6, at the Municipal Emergency Hospital, in Guarulhos, metropolitan region of São Paulo.

Actor and dancer, he started to be part of the station’s ballet corps in the early 2000s and acted in several attractions, such as musicals and special events.

In that decade, still from ballet, Lopes joined the humor program led by Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, whose opening started to have a dance performance. “Over the years, Kleber started to make figuration and support cast in the sketches, standing out for their irreverence and talent”, said SBT in the statement.

It was in 2016 that the actor started playing the character Ricky Marcos, a singer inspired by Ricky Martin. Later, he formed a partnership with Andréa de Nóbrega, acting as Gigi of the painting A Nova Rica. “SBT pays solidarity to the actor’s family and friends and wishes God to comfort his family,” lamented the station.

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