The deputy was the owner of the Dassault Group, manufacturer among others of the Falcon aircraft, it was a symbol of the French military industry. I was 69 years old

Olivier Dassault, a French deputy and a symbol of the French military industry, died this Sunday in a helicopter accident. The billionaire, one of the richest men in France, was 69 years old and was the owner of the Dassault Group, manufacturer among others of Falcon aircraft. According to French media, the private flight accident occurred in Touques, between Deauville and Honfleur, and the helicopter pilot also died.

Born on June 1, 1951, in Boulogne-Billancourt, son of Serge and Nicole Dassault, Olivier Dassault was one of the heirs of the French billionaire. Currently, according to Forbes magazine, he was ranked 361 among the richest in the world, with an estimated fortune of almost $ 6 billion.

Like the rest of his family, he first studied at the École de l’Air, where he trained as an officer, engineer, and pilot, and was also a commander of the Air Force Reserve.

In 1986, after the death of his grandfather, the industrialist Marcel Dassault joined two of the family companies (Europe Falcon Service and Dassault Aviation). Later he was vice president of the Valmonde press group (owner of “Valeurs actuelles”), sold in 2006; director of the “Journal des Finances”; director of Socpresse, which became Dassault Media within the Figaro Group in 2011; and later Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dassault Group.

Like his father, Olivier Dassault had also made a niche for himself in politics, especially when he was elected deputy for the Oise region in 1988, a position he resigned from 1997 but was re-elected in 2007, always against his socialist rival Yves Rome. A mandate that he maintained today, under the colors of the Republicans.

In 2017, before the presidential ballotage, he had positioned himself in favor of the candidate Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen.

In fact, it was President Macron who announced his death in a post on Twitter. “Olivier Dassault loved France. Captain of industry, deputy, local elected official, reserve commander in the air force: throughout his life, he never stopped serving our country, to promote its strengths. His sudden death is a great loss. Condolences to his family and loved ones ”.”, Assured the president.

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