Who is he and what is Khaby Lame Net Worth?

Khaby Lame Net worth: Khabane Lame, also known as khaby lame, is a Senegalese with Italian citizenship who lives in the city of Chivasso, in the region of Turin, is one of the biggest current phenomena in TikTok. According to May 2021, his net worth is $1,000,000 – $2,000,000.

How much Khaby Lame charge per Tik Tok post?

Khaby Lame is currently the most influential tik toker on the platform. Many ask: how much does Khabi Lame earn? According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Khaby could be charging between $98,561 and $147,842 per TikTok post

Biography of Khaby Lame

Khabane Lame, aka Khaby Lame, was born in Senegal in 2000 but grew up in Italy, in Chivasso, in the province of Turin. We know little about his childhood but we know that he is 21 years old and he was a worker but, due to the covid, the company he worked for went into crisis and he stayed at home. Khaby then created a Tik Tok channel and by starting to make videos he became a social star!

Name Khabane Lame
Date of Birth August 12, 2001
Nationality Senegal
Net Worth Between $ 1,000,000 and $ 2,000,000
Age  21 years old
Profession Social media influencer, Content Creator
Famous for His TikTok videos where he reacts to several unecessarily complex DIY craft videos
Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Zodiac sign Pisces
Tik Tok profile: @ khaby.lame
Instagram Profile @ khaby.lame

The beginning

Khaby was born in Senegal on March 9, 2000. After spending his early years in Senegal, he moved with his family to Chivasso, Italy, where he has studied and lived ever since. He likes to travel and have fun with his friends, but due to the pandemic, he had to isolate himself like the rest of the population.

Khaby Lame net worth
Khaby Lame /Photo / @NikhilIllustra1

It was then that he decided to try his luck on TikTok, uploading funny videos in which he did not say a single word but his expression said it all. And although he was not looking for fame, it was not long in coming thanks to the TikTok algorithm.


#foryoupage #comic

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

It should be mentioned that, in recent years, TikTok has become the platform for creating new stars.

Many long-time artists have found the big boost they needed in the app, while others have built a career after gaining a following on the platform. As shown are Tai Verdes, SurfMesa, Givēon, Dixie D’Amelio, and Bella Poarch, among many others. And it is that the app has known how to give recognition to promising young people.

Khaby Lame and fame on TikTok

In March 2020, Khaby came to TikTok fleeing boredom from isolation and as a distraction from the pandemic. Although their videos were not a revelation, they knew how to take advantage of a common theme and that is the criticism of those silly videos that can be found on the web. That nonsense in which the viewer wonders, why would you record that? And while most would just ignore it and move on, Khaby chose to record his incredulous reaction by emphasizing how silly the video could be. Thus, from his home and without much production, his videos began to gain followers.


#🇮🇹Perfavore non fare questo con la Pizza😭😭 #🇺🇸Please don’t do that with Pizza 😭😭 #LearnFromKhabi #LearnWithTikTok #ImparaConTikTok #pizza

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Within a year, Khaby already had a million followers on the app; since then that number has not stopped growing.  But, the outbreak as such came in April 2021, when his videos became all the rage in the app, making him known in Italy and around the world. And is that Khaby is probably one of the best-known tiktokers today. Suffice it to say, it is the most followed tiktoker in Italy, leaving the famous Gianluca Vacchi in second placeIn addition, it is in the top 30 of the most followed users worldwide.

With the success came new opportunities and a better thought strategy. Currently, the Senegalese has his own manager, thinks well of each of his videos, and not only tries to replicate the success but also thinks about diversifying.

khaby Lame the first Italian of Influencer Tik Tok and Instagram

Many wonder why is Khaby Lame famous? Khabane, or Khaby in art, was a worker but due to Covid and the pandemic the company left him at home. So Khaby opened a Tik Tok account and started making funny videos: comic silent video-reactions, or clips in which he is seen reacting a little incredulous or perplexed to the strangest videos of other users. A real genius if you think that in this way, with mime and facial expressions, it has also gone viral abroad, overcoming the obstacle of language! Khabi entered by right in the top 100 of world influencers led by Charli D’Amelio.

Social profiles

Khaby Lame has become a star on Tik Tok where he has more than 62 million followers and the Instagram profile also defends itself well with over 16.8 million followers.

Khaby Lame Girlfriend
Khaby Lame and his girlfriend Zaira in this Instagram photo

Who is Khaby Lame Girlfriend

Today we return to talk about him and we focus on his history with his girlfriend, Zaira.

Khabane Lame is engaged to Zaira Nucci: the girl often appears in his photos.

Zaira Nucci is a young eighteen-year-old artist (who plays guitar and sings) born in Sciacca (Agrigento) who lives in Chivasso (Turin), the same town as Khaby. The tiktoker tells us how he met her :

It all started by chance, thanks to social media. In October 2020, I replied to a story on Instagram. We talked for a while, then we stopped writing. Meanwhile, one day we met by chance in Chivasso. She recognized me and got back to me. We got back to talking, until I asked her out. The first time was beautiful and simple at the same time. We went to McDonalds. We’ve been together for almost two months now. Let’s celebrate the mesiversary on the 16th!

Khaby is happy that Zaira has become part of his life:

He took me right away as soon as I saw her. She is different from the others. I immediately realized that she was interested in me as a person and not as a TikTok character. It is something that made me very happy. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve been lucky.

When we asked him what he likes about Zaira, the tiktoker had no doubts:

I like everything about her.

Curiosities about Khaby Lame

  • His favorite actor is Will Smith
  • Khabi He loves comedy and would like to develop his innate skills as a comedian
  • Khabi Lame’s dream is to help friends and family financially
  • He is a fan of Juventus: he also attended the Italian Cup final against Atalanta
  • Khabi has a weak point, English! For this, he was the subject of a joke by  Le Iene Show conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi and Nicola Savino

In summary,  Khaby shoots very short silent videos (or rather, with a suitable musical carpet) divided into two parts: in the first part a somewhat confusing situation is shown that could happen to anyone in everyday life, and in the second part here is apparently the same Lame, who solves it in a simple and ingenious way.

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