Jürgen Müller Died: How Did German Actor And Director Die?

Jürgen Müller , co-founder and artistic director of the Ferret of the Baos , died on Friday at 5:55 p.m. as a result of a hereditary lung disease that he suffered from a long time, as reported this Saturday to the theater company.

“He was the actor from La Fura dels Baus who carried out the most personal performances the statement highlights, where he also ensures that he is the artist who ” best mastered the physical body, the Butoh Dance and his theater interpretation of the cruelty (devised by Antonin Artaud) “. Precisely, this theatrical model is the one that has made the company known, since it has “spun and performed it all over the world: what the public and critics have called fury language.

Co-founder of the company

Müller, who was born in 1955 in Weiterdingen (Germany), came to live in Barcelona to study mime and contemporary dance . In this city is where he perfected the multidisciplinary scenic language, which was based on the predominance of the body.

“He participated in the creation and interpretation of the first shows of the company that consolidated it internationally , creating the so-called furero language,” said Fura dels Baus in a statement.

Throughout his career , Müller has directed such diverse proposals as macro-shows or digital theater. He has also worked as a teacher in different workshops that the company has carried out.

“La Fura dels Baus, together with his entire team of collaborators, wishes to express their condolences for his sad loss. Rest in peace, furero. Long live Jürgen Müller!”, The company concluded in the statement.

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