MC the MAX bassist and violinist J.Yoon was found dead in his home.

On May 13, MC the MAX’s J.Yoon was found dead in his home located in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (South Korea), by local police, who were alerted by the artist’s agency K- pop .

According to police sources, a complaint was received from the 325 E&C company, who, unable to locate Yoon Jae Woong , real name, asked the authorities to enter his home.

Police reported that MC the MAX’s J.Yoon did not leave a will and told the media: “So far, there are no suspicions of homicide. We are going to request an autopsy from the National Institute of Scientific Research (GIST) for a precise identification of the death ”.

This was reported by Korean media such as Yonhap .

Meanwhile, the agency issued an official statement providing details of the death, where in addition to regretting his departure, they asked not to speculate on the reasons for the event.

This is the Spanish translation of the press 325 E & C on the death of J.Yoon of MC the MAX .

“Hello. We are the agency of MC the MAX, 325 E&C.

We issue this statement to deliver unfortunate and tragic news. J.Yoon from MC the MAX He left us this May 13.

At the sudden and sad news, the members of MC the MAX and the entire 325 E&C staff are grieving with great sadness.

We are heartbroken to relay unfortunate news to fans who have sent endless love and support to J.Yoon .

Please wish J.Yoon to rest in peace, and we ask that (the media) refrain from publishing speculative articles out of consideration for his family. “

J.Yoon from MC the MAX Instagram

MC the MAX’s J.Yoon had an Instagram account under @ yjw_0927, where he amassed 22,900 followers.

Who was J.Yoon from MC the MAX?

MC The Max or Moon Child the Max (엠씨 더 맥스) is a well-known K-pop and K-rock band that was founded in 2002 under 325 E&C agency.

J.Yoon was one of the three members who made up this group. His companions were Lee Soo (Isu), the vocalist, and Jun Min Hyuk, the drummer.

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