How Did Joanna Barnes Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

After a ‘long illness’, Joanna Barnes dies at the age of 89. The beloved actress was recognized for her partition in Game of Twins.

  • After a ‘long illness’, Joanna Barnes dies at 89
  • The beloved actress was recognized for her participation in films such as Game of Twins
  • Her talent also led her to become a prized novelist.

After suffering a ‘long illness’, Joanna Barnes dies at the age of 89. The beloved actress was recognized for her part in movies like The Twins, but her talent also led her to become an appreciated novelist.

Joanna Barnes, who was the star of The Parent Trap (or Game of Twins as it was known in Latin America) and other movies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, died at home after suffering a long illness, revealed to the means her friend Sally Jackson.

Joanna Barnes was born in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, on November 15, 1934, and died at the age of 89 at her home in California after a “long illness”, of which her family and close friends did not offer further details, reported The Sun newspaper.

The renowned actress was part of the original cast of 1961 Game of Twins, a film in which she played Vicky Robinson. Later, in the 1998 version, starring Lindsay Lohan, Joanna Barnes returned to history, but this time to play Vicki Blake.

Her Flim Career

Joanna Barnes was in a very long list of movies from the 1950s to 2000, including Auntie Mame, Home Before Dark, Spartacus, Goodbye Charlie, and The War Wagon. She also made her mark on television with appearances on series like Hawaii 5-0, Charlie’s Angels, and The Trials of O’Brien.

In 1967, her artistic talent also led her to work on the small screen as the presenter of the television program for ABC called Dateline: Hollywood, in which she showed viewers some studio sessions and interviews with the main stars of the industry.

Movies and Novels

The American was also invited to take part in programs such as The Millionaire, Mannix, Murder She Wrote, and Cheers, but she was not only successful as a film actress or television presenter because she was also applauded as a novel writer, the medium added.

Barnes’s first novel was published in 1970 under the name of The Deceivers, and in 1980 he published Pastora. In fact, she also used to write a book review column for the local Los Angeles Times and at one point she also wrote a column on interior design.

In a very active life, Joanna Barnes strolled through acting in film and television, hosting programs, and even writing novels and opinion columns in print media. So it is a huge legacy of hers that she leaves America after her departure.

Barnes died at the age of 89 at his home in Sea Ranch, a secluded California court town. She is survived by two sisters, Lally and Judith, and three stepchildren, John, Laura, and Louise. Although she was married three times, she had no children of her own. After a long illness, Joanna Barnes dies at the age of 89.

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