Andy Forssell, the platform’s top leader at the global level, announced that it would expand to new territories in the second half of next year. In May 2020, it launched the service in the United States with an extensive catalog.

After announcing that all his films scheduled for 2021, including such powerful titles as DuneSuicide Squad, or Matrix 4, will be released simultaneously in cinemas and on his streaming service HBO Max, Andy Forssell, the platform’s top leader at the globally, it announced that in the second half of next year the HBO streaming services available in Latin America and Europe would begin to upgrade to HBO Max.

In what seems like a move determined to stand up to the other streaming giants, Netflix, Disney +, or Amazon Prime Video, WarnerMedia’s platform will be updated and expanded with new content from its media conglomerate.

It will do so with a catalog that, at least in the United States, includes titles not only from the film production companies Warner Bros. or New Line Cinema but also from CNN, TNT, TBS, The CW, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth or Looney Tunes.

It will be necessary to see which of its brands are included in each territory. During the event, interest that HBO Max brings together all the content related to DC Comics characters outside the United States was especially highlighted.

Forssell did not offer more details on how this transition from HBO to HBO Max will occur or if the subscription prerequisites will be increased compared to the current services.


HBO, a channel that helped create premium television decades before Netflix and Amazon began looking for Hollywood celebrities for their shows, launched its streaming service on May 27 in the United States.

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