Sad news for lovers of Japanese dubbing, when the sad passing of Haruka Nagashima is known.

The Tokyo native seiyuu lost her life at 33 years of age, the product of an extensive fight against a disease that was not disclosed to the public. The announcement was made known by the Three Tree talent agency, in a statement compiled by Comic Natalie.

Regretting the departure of its talented actress, the company expressed its condolences to family and friends, as well as its fans. Also expressing that her relatives carried out a private funeral service, after her death on May 30.

Her career as a seiyuu is relatively short, acting as backup characters in shows like Shiki, Idol Jihen, and Sore Ike! Anpanman. Her role of greatest importance is the series Sparrow’s Hotel when she was present as a co-star of the series in the role of Tamaki Shiokawa.

In addition to her role, she was part of the series’ soundtrack, showcasing the best of her repertoire as a multi-talented seiyuu, the central goal of this medium in Japan.

Nagashima’s death joins the recent passing of veteran voice actor Genzo Wakayama, who had a long career in the anime world in the 1970s and 1980s, before making the leap to the radio.

However, her longest-running role was as an announcer on the program Otsukaresama 5-Ji Desu and its direct and custom successor Wakayama Genzō no Tokyo Dial 954 on TBS Radio for more than 22 years. A brand in Japanese entertainment that is likely to last for years to come.

Personalities from the world of dubbing, voice-over, and television have had their games in recent months, due both to nature itself and to the conditions imposed by the pandemic.

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