Fatal Shooting Near Sexy Red Music Video in Oakland Park; Sexy Red Breaks Silence

A fatal shooting happened that killed one man and injured another man near the famous rapper sexy red video shoot in Oakland Park on Thursday night.

About the incident

According to the report, Sexy Red was with rapper Sukihana for the video shoot of her upcoming single Shake You Dreads at Flea Market in Oakland Park, Florida, at around 8 p.m. when the gunshot happened in the 3100 block of Oakland Park Boulevard, near the Oakland Park flea park where she was shooting for a music video.

Florida police department reached the location immediately after being informed of the gunshot fire. Upon reaching, police found two victims: at the gas station and a flea market. One victim died at the scene, while the other was shifted to the hospital.

Broward Sheriff’s Office’s detectives are trying to investigate if the matter is related to the Sexy Red music video shooting. While investigating the matter, the sheriff’s detectives sealed the gas stations with yellow criminal tape for some evidence.

The questioning from the people at the scene is still going on. A nearby McDonald’s employee shared the information that says

“We were giving out food at the window, and me and this lady heard [imitates gunfire], so we all duck down in the store,” the employee said. “When we opened the door, we see a bunch of cops and stuff heading this way, and we saw a bunch of people leaving the flea market coming onto the parking lot, and next thing you know, they had tape all around here.”

Authorities have been searching for evidence and found the body bag at the scene. However, witnesses at the scene informed that some people approached the victim and abruptly ran away in the dark-colored vehicle. Two people were taken into custody with some unrelated charges. Police have not disclosed the identity of the arrested people.

Upon the gunshot, fans started to run, making the scene chaotic, and rumor arose that the gunshot had occurred at the Sexy Red music video shooting. Sheriff’s Office detectives tried to escort her car. Sexy Red later clarified the rumor that the gunfire occurred not at the video shooting but across the street in the gas station.
Sexy Red breaks her silence by releasing her statement on Instagram in which she says

“I send my condolences to the family of the man who lost his life and prayers up for the wounded person,” the statement said. “But I gotta address the rumors that happened at my video shoot because s*** is untrue. To be clear, it happened at a gas station across the street from my video set. Florida Highway Patrol and Broward County Sheriff confirmed that the shooting wasn’t on my set.”

Investigations are still under process and will soon be shared with you when officials announce.

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