Famous YouTuber ‘Popular MMOs’ and Two Others Arrested in 2022: Are They Still in Jail?

Popular MMOs, a famous YouTuber with 17.2 Million subscribers, is well-known in the GenZ generation for their ‘Minecraft’ Gaming videos and vlogs. He announced his real name on his channel, Patrick Thomas Julianelle.

In 2021, he was arrested for domestic violence with her Ex-Girlfriend, and this news was on trend in 2021. To get bail from police custody, Patrick got to pay a $2,503 bond and was listed as “out of custody” on May 19, 2021.

In addition, on June 20, 2022, Pat got arrested for assaulting a person. It’s unclear who the person was, but he was caught with a deadly weapon.

Then he got arrested on a charge of criminal activity with two other people, Ethan Davies, 25, and Michael Richmond,24-year-old guy. They were detained because they were involved in a pitch invasion incident during a Jacksonville Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field on November 6, 2022. When the next day, the court called them, their lawyer summarized the situation that they ran onto the field and allegedly filmed the stunt by mistake.

The judge remarked to them, ‘They did a foolish activity.’ To get some views, people do stupid stuff, but these activities bring them into critical situations.

Trio friends realize their mistake, but it’s too late; Patrick and Michael are charged with criminal conspiracy to shoot the incident and attempted to run, and both will have to face criminal mischief and commit a breach of peace.

The situation became too hard for Michael because he was already suffering from drug charges. There is not enough info about Ethan, and it’s not confirmed what charge he faced.

Are they still in the jail?

Fortunately, Ethan, Michael, and Patrick are out of police custody. Patrick went to jail, but now he is out of police custody. Patrick shared the tragedy with his friends on his YouTube Channel. He did a Podcast with Michael where they shared their terrible November 6, 2022 experience.

Who is Patrick Thomas Julianelle?

American YouTuber Patrick Thomas “Pat” Julianelle, better known by his channel ‘PopularMMOs,’ is well-known for posting vlogs and videos of himself playing numerous games like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. As of right now, Pat is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida. Pat is 33 years old now.

Patrick became famous in 2019 when he was highlighted in a list of 32 Kris Madas’ YouTuber Intro Challenge. He was awarded the Kids’ Choice Award for Favourite YouTuber in 2020.

Pat is famous for his Minecraft series, including The challenge games and funny commentary. He also engaged in roleplays and humorous commentary with his wife, now his ex-wife, GamingWithJen, who appeared in nearly all his videos. Following their separation in 2019, Pat took over the channel and introduced his subscribers to his new girlfriend, Elizabeth “Liz.”

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