Ana Quincoces, Aka “the Real Housewives of Miami” Daughters, Career and Personal Life Revealed

Ana Quincoces is known for her exceptional culinary and multi-talented expertise. She is a prominent name in the entertainment industry. She is highly qualified and has demonstrated her talent as a lawyer, author, chef, and TV star. Ana Quincoces gained popularity from the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Miami” in 2012.

Early Life

Ana Quincoces was born on November 10, 1965, in Miami, Florida. She was raised in a Cuban household. Ana Quincoces had a passion for studying law. She went to Florida International University and gained a degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections. She didn’t stop here but further pursued her career in law and graduated from Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University, where she earned a doctoral degree of ‘Doctor of Law’ in Property Law.

Ana Quincoces career

Ana Quincoces is professionally a lawyer; however, she has great expertise as a chef. She is the star icon on the TV show, and in 2012, she started recognition on the series ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’.

She was highly appreciated in all its three seasons. In season 1, she was “the guest of The Housewives” while in second season she was the main cast member. In season three she was appeared as a “friend of housewives”. Ana proved with her skills and was voted as the “Miami’s hottest chef”.

Ana spent 20 years in her professional lawyer career, and after her retirement, she pursued her career as a chef. She is also an influencer on social media, where she demonstrates her culinary expertise and has worked with the biggest brands, including Target, Nestle, Unilever, Olay, and Smithfield.

Ana showed her culinary talent by participating in the Food Network Star and earned significant appreciation and acknowledgment for her expertise. She was a chef, judge, and sponsor at the Food Network.

As an author, Ana Quincoces initiated a skinny Latina food line and has written three cookbooks: Cuban Chicks Can Cook, The Versailles Restaurant Cookbook, and Sabor.

Ana Quincoces daughters

The multi-talented culinary expert and entrepreneur has two daughters from her first husband, lawyer Robert Rodriguez. Katiana, affectionately called “Kati” Rodriguez, born in 1992, and Beba Rodriguez, born in 1993.

Her daughters were inspired by their family’s educational law background. Her daughter Kati is a University of Florida’s alumni and worked as an attorney in Miami. While Beba was a Loyola law school graduate working as an associate in a law company in Los Angeles.

Kati married to John-Liam Stapleton, her long-term boyfriend, in March 2023. The couple married at an outdoor wedding in Miami. Ana disclosed that her other daughter is also soon getting married.

Ana’s relationship with both daughters is remarkable. Her daughters also inherited an interest in cooking and are usually seen in social media posts where they assist her mother in cooking.

When Ana Quincoces’s relationship with her first husband broke, her daughters were with her and stood by her side, and also with her mother when she got engaged in 2014.
Ana Quincoces’s successful story inspires many people who want to embark on multiple fields. Her life is a guidance of dedication and unwavering commitment to achieve goals in life.

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