[VIDEO] Cooper Noriega Video & Photos Viral Before His Death

TikTok star Cooper Noriega joins the list of influencers who died mysteriously, as the tiktoker was found dead in a parking lot.

Cooper Noriega had more than 2.7 million followers on TikTok, so his death shocked users of social networks.

According to reports, the TikTok celebrity was found in a shopping center parking lot in Los Angeles, when a person saw him unconscious and called 911 for help, so the emergency services arrived at the scene.

However, it was already too late, as the paramedics were unable to revive him. So far, the cause of death of the young man from TikTok has not been disclosed, since according to the first reports, the tiktoker did not show signs of aggression or any type of crime, so the authorities will wait for it to be carried out. autopsy to determine death.

The strange video of Cooper Noriega that he posted on TikTok before he died.

What shocked social network users the most is that hours before Cooper Noriega appeared dead, he posted a strange video on TikTok in which he assured that he sensed that he was going to die.

In the short clip, the tiktoker is lying down and accompanied by the images with a disturbing text: “Who else is thinking that he is going to die?”


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TikTok’s followers are devastated and assured that this strange video was the influencer’s signal with which he warned that he would say goodbye to the earthly world.

“It was a sign and nobody noticed”, “He was saying goodbye to us and us. I love you Cooper”, were some of the comments from his fans.

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