Cara Williams Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Famous actress Cara Williams, who started her career in Hollywood’s golden age in the late 1940s, has passed away at the age of 96.

Drawing attention with her roles in films such as Boomerang, The Girl Next Door, and The Helen Morgan Story, Williams played mostly supporting roles.

She was nominated for an Oscar in 1958 for The Defiant Ones.

Her daughter Justine Jagoda and niece Richard Potter gave the sad news. 

Commenting on the death of Cara Williams, one of the last actresses from Hollywood’s golden age, her daughter Jagoda said: “She is not only a brilliant actress but also funny, extravagant, warm-hearted and loving. She could make anyone who had a bad day laugh or smile. “She was everything you could wish for in a mother and more. It is very sad to lose such a woman,” she said.

Cara Williams was struggling with lethal complications from cardiac arrest because of this, the medical team was treating her at the hospital. The news has been confirmed by a tweet recently shared by great-nephew Richard Potter and an American actress.

Who is Cara Williams?

According to the information compiled by Haber Global, Williams’ real name was Bernice Kamiat, who was born on June 29, 1925, in Brooklyn, but she used the name Cara Williams in that movie.

She started acting like a child. After her parents divorced, she moved to Hollywood with her mother and studied acting there. She took part in cartoons as a voice actor.

At the age of 16, she signed with 20th Century Fox. She furthered her career by taking small roles in films such as Wide Open Town and Happy Land. At the end of the 1940s, she made a big breakthrough with Boomerang.

Her biggest breakthrough was The Defiant Ones, in which she played a widowed mother with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis.

She was nominated for an Oscar for the best-supporting actress but did not win.

In the following period, we saw him more in comedy films. She was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Gladys in Pete and Gladys, which was inspired by the 1950s sitcom December Bride.

Afterward, she did the Cara Williams Show.

By the 1980s, she had moved away from acting.

She married Alan Gray in 1945, but they divorced 2 years later. She gave birth shortly before the divorce.

She later married John Barrymore’s son, actor John Drew Barrymore. In 1959, this marriage also ended. Her last marriage was to real estate agent Asher Dann in 1964. The couple remained married until Dann died in 2018.

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