Billie Eilish Loses 100,000 Followers For Sharing These Photos

The singer joined a popular game on Instagram and the result was not as good as Billie imagined

Billie Eilish complied with some requests from her followers on the social network but the content captured in photographs was not pleasant for everyone.

If you are a constant user on Instagram, you have probably already witnessed the dynamics that reign today in Insta-stories , it is about sharing a sticker of questions where you ask your followers to mention a situation, a thing or a quality and you must share a photograph that corresponds to the above. What happened when Billie joined the game?

The singer began with a video in white, blue and green tones where she showed her face in motion. Before the suggestions of her followers, she posted photos and clips of her in the studio, after seeing the documentary that she will release very soon, unpublished photos, from the tour and more.


When someone asked her to show her lockscreen she did not hesitate to do so, but the photo was not pleasant for everyone, it is a painting style image where we see two girls. The green color is present in almost the entire image, but that did not save Billie from the reaction of her followers.

After this publication, the girl began to lose followers and her fans began to comment on it on social networks, so Billie Eilish reposted in her stories an image showing the change in the followers of her account, adding a caption where she calls everyone babies. those who weren’t ready to see images like the one she carries on her phone.

Billie Eilish Loses Thousands Of Followers


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