Big Wan Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Another rapper lost his life during a shooting in the United States. This time it’s about 19-year-old Big Wan, whose real name was Dawan Turner.

The crime happened in a residential block in the city of Milwaukee, in the United States

19-year-old American rapper Big Wan was killed in a shootout in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentine 1, the musician, whose name was Dawan Turne, was at home with his grandmother and mother in a town hall when he was shot.

The crime took place on Friday (26) but has only been released now. According to the vehicle, the police department is investigating Big Wan’s death as a homicide. He was shot at approximately 9:05 am, and investigators are looking for clues to the sniper. The rapper was in an upstairs room of the house when the shooting took place.

A longtime family friend said Big Wan was born Dawan Turner and lived with her grandmother and mother in a small apartment. He was in his bedroom at the time of the shooting.

Big Wan was considered a rising star in the street rap scene. “He’s behind some of the funniest raps in a city that has no shortage of it right now,” decreed the Pitchfork website, a reference on the topic.

“He was so humble,” his manager Will Norton, known as Baggz, told the paper. “He just takes everything and never disagrees. He listened. He was just focused on really making it work,” he lamented.

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