Bashurverse Died: What Happened To Him?

Bashurverse is dead. What Was His Cause Of Death? The veteran creator, with a million and a half followers, had been fighting the coronavirus in the hospital for weeks when he was admitted for pneumonia.

Brandon ‘Bashuverse’ Ashur’s tens of thousands of fans have had the fly behind their ear for a few weeks. The Minecraft specialist announced in August his admission to the hospital after being infected with COVID-19, and although he said that the battle was not going as well as he wanted, through his social networks he frequently updated on his status.

After more than two weeks without hearing from him, it has been his family that has confirmed that Bashuverse (also known as ToastyTime or simply Toasty) passed away on the night of Monday, September 13. “My brother fought against the coronavirus, and unfortunately he lost the battle, ” his sister Anesa wrote on Facebook. “I can’t believe this is happening, he was a wonderful person. He is a wonderful person .”

“There are so many things I could say, but I think there are no words to express what I want, ” he adds and laments the devastation we are suffering worldwide with the COVID plague. “Why is this beast so terrible? Why did it have to touch you? With all the challenges you faced in your 36 years, I never imagined that we would lose you in a pandemic .”

Brandon had been on YouTube for more than ten years, and his rise on that platform coincided with the launch of a game that is still number one today: Minecraft. Fame came to him thanks to series scripted by himself similar in structure to what is now Tortillaland or Karmaland, which is why many considered him a pioneer in the role-playing genre.

Burdened by the demands of the platform, and by an ugly controversy that accused him of having sexually assaulted a girl (something never confirmed), Toasty took several breaks away from streaming platforms that, however, did not affect his popularity within the sector.

Good proof of this is the warmth with which his followers welcomed each update he made since the beginning of August when he was diagnosed positive for COVID. In his comings and goings in the streamer world, he achieved a very respectable 170,000 followers on Twitch, and more than a million and a half followed him on YouTube.

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