Armie Hammer Leaves Film Cast After Accusations Of Cannibalism And Abuse

Women presented alleged messages sent by the actor with abusive content and which were in favor of cannibalism

Actor Armie Hammer announced he was leaving the cast of the Shotgun wedding, a feature film he would star in alongside Jennifer Lopez . The artist quits the project soon after accusations circulate on social networks that, while married, he would have sent abusive messages to women and shared lines that were condoning cannibalism .
The accusations began in a series of prints released by the Instagram profile @houseofeffie. The account owner claims to have been “one of the affairs” of Armie Hammer and that he sent messages about rape, sadomasochism and constantly apologized for cannibalism. Other women also sent images of conversations with the actor that were later released by the social network account. The prints are saved in the profile highlights.
Armie Hammer
In the most recent Instagram posts, exchanges of messages were presented in which he claimed to have eaten a “raw and still warm” deer heart. A photo of him pretending to hang himself and messages about him wanting to taste his lover’s blood were also released recently.

The actor was married until 2020 to actress Elizabeth Chambers, with whom he has two children. The artist reportedly told the international portal Daily Mail that she is shocked, but that she is on the side of the victims. After the end of the marriage, Hammer had an affair with Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. The writer confirmed on Twitter that the interpreter, known for Oliver’s role in Call me by his name, sent “cannibal sexual messages”, but soon after closed the account so that only her followers could see her publications.

Armie in turn denied all the movement that is being disclosed on the internet. “I am not responding to these absurd statements, but in the face of false and cruel virtual attacks against me, I could not, in good conscience, leave my children at that moment to spend four months shooting a film in the Dominican Republic,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. .

The film Shotgun wedding has the recordings close, according to the producer. The film is directed by Jason Moore, from the franchise The Perfect Choice, and is scripted by Mark Hammer, from Just Two Nights, and Elizabeth Meriwether, writer of New girl and Sex without commitment. The production revolves around the extravagant wedding of the protagonist couple. When they are in doubt about the continuity of the relationship, the guests become hostages to a group of kidnappers.

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