He worked with artists like Madonna and Lionel Richie. The cause of his death is unknown.

Adolfo ‘Shabba-Doo’ Quiñones, who is of Puerto Rican descent and was part of the cast of ‘Breakin’, has died at age 65.

The dance community is in mourning after the death of actor and dancer Adolfo Quiñones , who was better known by his pseudonym ‘Shabba-Doo’, became known.

The singer Toni Basil was the one who made the sad news known through her social networks. “It is with extreme sadness that The Lockers family announces the unexpected passing of our beloved Adolfo ‘Shabba-Doo’ Quiñones,” wrote Basil adding, “At this difficult time we are requesting privacy.

Toni, who rose to international fame for her hit musical ‘Mickey’ in 1981, was the founder of the musical group The Lockers to which Quiñones belonged. This musical band is recognized as one of the forerunners of the style of dance known as locking and the way of dressing that became popular among young people.

Their irruption in the music market was very big, they performed on ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Soul Train’, and on stages such as Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. Their success led them to receive various awards and to participate in films.

It was just in the film ‘Breakin’ where Adolfo Quiñones stood out; He also reprized his role as Ozone in the sequel ‘Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo’.

After participating in the tapes, Quiñones, who is of Puerto Rican descent, dedicated himself to being a choreographer, where he achieved his greatness. He performed all the choreography for Madonna’s tour called ‘Who’s That Girl’ and was the lead dancer.

For his work he received awards such as the Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to hip-hop which he made to the program ‘The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball’. It also won the Drama Critic’s Circle Award for Best Choreography for the musical “Standup Tragedy.”

Quiñones was also a choreographer for popular artists like Lionel Richie and Luther Vandross.

After announcing his death, several figures in the middle sent their condolences such as Sheila E and Ice-T . Sheila wrote: “I just found out I lost another friend, Shabba doo. A great hip-hop dancer. We toured together with Lionel Richie in 1983. God rest in peace.”

For his part, Ice-T shared several videos of Quinones dancing and mentioned, “I just lost another close friend, ‘Shabba-Doo’. The Los Angeles dance legend. Maybe you know him from the ‘Breakin’ movies. .

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