What Happened To Cedric Mcmillan? Cause Of Death Explored

Today, less than two months after the passing of bodybuilder Bostin Loyd, we sadly have to announce yet another shocking news: IFBB Pro Cedric McMillan has passed away at the age of just 44.

This emerged from a post on the “RxMuscle” Instagram profile on Tuesday evening.

Cedric McMillan’s health problems

It was only in November last year that it came to light that the American professional bodybuilder had only just cheated death in advance.

This was told personally by Cedric McMillan after his guest appearance at the NPC’s Armed Forces Championships.

The 44-year-old reported on a near-death experience in July 2021, the cause of which was apparently due to heart problems.

In the course of this, he not only spent three weeks in the hospital but also lost almost 14 kilograms in weight.

IFBB Pro acts contrary to medical advice

However, that incident didn’t stop the 2017 Arnold Classic Champion from preparing for the upcoming 2022 Arnold Classic in hindsight. Unfortunately, without success.

His comeback at the Legion Sports Fest was also anything but planned. Although Cedric McMillan presented himself as part of the pre-judging at the said competition, he did not appear in the final.

It was only afterward that it turned out that the Americans had to deal with stomach problems and apparently had difficulty keeping water and food down.

“Ever since I tried to compete at the legion show in Nevada in October, I’ve had stomach problems. I can’t keep food down for some reason. I hiccup all day and half the night and whenever I eat anything or even drink water it comes back up. Nothing wants to stay down.”

The official cause of death is still uncertain.

At the time of writing, the details of Cedric McMillan’s passing are still unknown. According to some sources, the IFBB Pro died of a heart attack while reportedly training on a treadmill.

Furthermore, according to international media reports, the shocking news has been confirmed by family members

Touching words from Dave Palumbo

Up until his passing, the Men’s Open bodybuilder was optimistic about his return to the stage. It is all the more tragic to say that from now on his performance will only remain in our memories.

“Cedric, a truly amazing bodybuilder and one of the most entertaining to ever grace the stage, will be remembered for his generosity to his fans. He spent his time and energy connecting with and inspiring his fans, fully aware of his importance as a bodybuilding icon.[…] a dedicated family man, Cedric was a pure role model for bodybuilders and people, who look up to him. He will be greatly missed by all of us.”

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