This Monday, February 8, former head coach Marty Schottenheimer passed away after struggling with Alzheimer’s since 2014. He was 77 years old and at the time of the event he was accompanied by his family; his 54-year-old wife Pat, children Kristen and Brian, as well as grandchildren Brandon, Sutton, Savannah, and Catherine.

The family has prepared a private funeral service for him, and in the next few days, a memorial service will be held to honor the memory of the legendary coach.

Marty had a long career in the NFL as a head coach, spent 21 seasons, and managed teams such as the Cleveland Browns, the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Diego Chargers, and Washington. He had a 205-139-1 record and made the playoffs 13 times. Although he was never able to reach a Super Bowl.

He was also a professional NFL player, played six seasons, four with the Buffalo Bills and two with the New England Patriots, served as a linebacker. His son Brian also works in the league and recently joined the Jacksonville Jaguars as coordinator.

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