How Did Paul Duncan Die? What Happened? Cause Of Death

A piece of very shocking news has reached our headquarters a young American Footballer Paul Duncan dies at the age of 35.

The former offensive lineman Paul Duncan who was associated with Notre Dame football died suddenly at a very young age. He took his last breath on July 15. His wife, Ellen Duncan says that he suffered a cardiac arrest on a run.

She posted a long note on Instagram, informing his fans about Paul Duncan’s cause of death and how the incident took place. She starts by on 15 July, Friday he suffered a cardiac arrest and today he was pronounced brain dead. But we will have an autopsy to understand the cause of death in deeper.

She further adds that we have decided that his body will be donated to people who are in dire need of organs after the medical examination. Details on funeral arrangements are yet to be followed. Lastly, she ends the note by saying, Thank you for your prayers and support, Love Ellen.

Duncan is married and had two daughters. Paul Duncan’s cause of death was soon announced by his wife. We believe that the family should be allowed time and space to process Paul Duncan’s passing.

Hailing from Dallas, Georgia, he soon became a part of Notre Dame’s 2005 recruiting class. He graduated from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. After his graduation, he spent most of his time in NFL with the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent.

According to reports, he was currently employed by a construction company in Georgia and spending time with his family as well as his job. He was one of those really rare persons who had a heart of gold, and he looked very pleased and happy with his life. It would be much better if we use this phrase, “some hearts are too rare to find”, He was a living representation of the adage, too kind for this world.

We pray for peace and prosperity for Paul Duncan’s family, friends and fans.

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