George Peterson Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

New tragedy in the world of bodybuilding and we have already lost count. Professional bodybuilder George Peterson has passed away at age 37 a few days before competing at Mister Olympia. The causes of his death are being investigated …

  • Professional bodybuilder George Peterson dies just before participating in Mister Olympia 2021
  • He was found dead in his hotel room at 37
  • Bodybuilder Brad Hollibaugh dies at 54
  • The professional bodybuilder Lawrence Marshall dies suddenly at 58

The tragedy has hit the world of bodybuilding again and this time a few days before the celebration of Mister Olympia 2021, which is already underway. Professional bodybuilder George Peterson, who was going to compete in category 212, has been found dead in his hotel room and the causes are still being investigated.

The first news assures that it was his coach Justin Miller who notified the Police and health emergencies after calling him several times on his mobile and receiving no response. There, in the hotel, they found him face down and unconscious, but they could do nothing to save his life since he had been dead for several hours. As we say, the causes of his death have yet to be confirmed.

Born in New York and nicknamed Da Bull, George Peterson, 37, had been competing on the stage for many years and had climbed the podium in several minor competitions until he won the 2019 Arnold Classic Physique contest. Mister Olympia and this year I was going to repeat.

His death has caused a great commotion among colleagues and friends since he was a humble, affable, and hard-working guy in the gym. He is the second bodybuilder to die just before this Mister Olympia … His Instagram account, with more than 300,000 followers, has been filled with comments and condolences towards his figure.

On his social networks, Mr. Olympia confirmed the athlete’s death. “It is with great sadness that we report the unexpected passing of George Peterson, champion on and off stage. Our condolences go out to his family and to all who have respected and admired one of the kindest men we have ever met.

In bodybuilding a decade ago, Da Bull was in the top three of Mr Olympia’s 212 category. The athlete had four bronzes in the competition, plus a gold in the Classic Physique at Arnold.

Bodybuilders mourn their death

The death of George Peterson, whose causes are not yet known, caused great shock in the world of professional bodybuilding, as several of his colleagues and fans said they were in shock by the news.

Hours before he had uploaded a video

Just hours before his passing, George Peterson uploaded a video to his Instagram account, in which he talked about “How soon should you eat after a workout?” With a smile on his face.

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