Frederic Sinistra Died: Everything You Need To Know

Frederic Sinistra had not been vaccinated and wanted to be cured only with oxygen at home

  • The triple world kickboxing champion Frederic Sinistra dies of covid-19 after trying to heal himself at home with oxygen.
  • The Belgian had not been vaccinated and thought it was a “small virus” that he could defeat, but he has died at the age of 41.
  • This CrossFit athlete lost 27 kg of muscle after suffering from coronavirus and spending 25 days on a respirator
  • From the CrossFit Open to entered by covid: “It’s hard for me to even walk”

Frederic Sinistra, a three-time kickboxing world champion, has died at 41 from covid-19. The Belgian fighter had not been vaccinated and had assured that it was a “small virus” with which he could be cured at home simply with oxygen.

The kickboxing world champion, known by the nickname ‘The Undertaker ‘, had boasted that the disease was “a little virus” and had not been vaccinated either. In fact, when he was first diagnosed, he decided to discharge himself voluntarily and treat his illness at his home in Liège (Belgium) . “I don’t have to spend my time with bums,” he justified on his Facebook page.

Finally, Frederic Sinistra was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a Belgian hospital in November forced by his coach Carolo Yigin . The coach threatened to stop being his technician if he did not go to the hospital if the fighter was still at home being treated only with oxygen.

The triple world champion had gotten worse at home but insisted that he could heal himself. “I was a premature baby and I will continue to fight to the death as a man without giving up and I will die without regrets, ” said the triple world champion already intubated in hospital.

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Admitted to UCI, the world champion remained optimistic. “Unfortunately, my fight on December 4 has been canceled. I am disgusted but alive thanks to my little wife [with whom I had two children] and my dear uncle Osman Yigin. Many diseases have started attacking my lungs. CRP showing inflammation of my lungs is high, 165, but the normal is between 0 and 5. A warrior never gives up! I will come back even stronger, “he published on his social networks a few days before he died of heart failure as a result of covid- 19 .

Sinistra was confident that the will that had led him to be a three-time K1 world champion would also save him from the disease. ” I have lived a shitty life . When I was young I slept in a car. I had no choice but to fight,” he summarized in a documentary that reviewed his life since he was born in Antwerp.

Frederic Sinistra was considered the strongest man in Belgium, he was 1.85 meters tall and weighed 103 kilograms . In the heavyweight category he had a record of 39 wins and 9 losses in the sport of kickboxing.

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