Who is Debra Bollman? Age, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth

Debra Bollman has served as CEO of Caption CART for fifteen years. She worked as a stenographer for ASAP Sports in Riverside, California. She can type up to 300 words per minute when transcribing interviews. Debra’s full name is Debra Bollman Farfan. Her age is 43.


She became a member of the National Court Reporters Association in January 1997. (NCRA). She has worked as a stenographer for Caption CART, Inc. since January 2001. Later, she rose to the position of CEO at CaptionCART, a company that offers real-time transcribing and captioning services.

The French Open, the NBA Finals, and the World Series are just a few of the events she has captioned. She has worked as a broadcast captioner, CART supplier, and court reporter. Her expertise in sports has provided her with the most unforgettable experiences, namely attending all seven 2016 World Series games.

She served as a Board Member for District D of the California Court Reporters Association from 2015 to 2016. (Cal-CCRA). Later, from Oct 2016 until Aug 2018, she worked as a vice president for Cal-CCRA. She was the Realtime Captioner at Captionmax in January 2001, a Media Production company 3Play Media bought in early 2022 and renamed as 3Play Media in September of that same year. She spoke as a guest speaker at a workshop on new trends and job prospects in court reporting held at Humphreys University in February 2017. In collaboration with the learning center, the court reporting department arranged the event.

Married Life:

Since Debra is married, little is known about her husband. Sophia Bollman, one of her daughters, is a singer. Only one of Debra’s three children—her daughter—is well-known in the singing industry.


When she attended the press conferences at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, stenographer Debra Bollman was 43. The well-known American basketball star Nigel Hayes was available on the mic, but he was unaware it was turned on. When Nigel Hayes said, “God, she’s beautiful,” to the 43-year-old woman at the press conference when he was just 20, the audience laughed. Everyone found the incident memorable, and Debra found it amusing.

She described the situation as “lovely and sweet.” However, the player tweeted and apologized for laughing in front of everyone to shield her from questions and other things. Numerous media outlets have resurrected this incident. Debra’s fan base grew from 15 to 900 due to her increasing fame. Not only that, but Debra’s daughter, who is now a musician, also used the same situation to make headlines.

Judith Bollman Net Worth:

Judith Bollman’s overall assets As a correspondent, Debra Bollman performs her job skillfully. She describes herself as an Enlisted Diplomate Correspondent on her LinkedIn profile, started doing this work in 1998, and now works across the US, Canada, and Europe. She has up to $1 million in earnings.

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