Daffney Unger Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

A live broadcast by Daffney Unger in which she carried a gun asking for her brain to be donated for studies left friends and fans worried

Ex-WCW and TNA wrestling star Daffney Unger was confirmed dead by fellow wrestler Lexie Fyfe, who shared the news that her friend was found dead on Thursday. “We are very sad to announce the passing of Shannon Spruill, aka Daffney Unger,” said Lexie, who told TMZ Sports that she and Daffney were so close they “called each other sisters.” As reported by her environment, the fighter committed suicide a few hours ago at her home.

Lexie herself, who regarded Daffney as her sister from another father, mentioned that Shannon had been battling mental health issues prior to her passing.

“We’re posting this at her family’s request. Please respect their privacy at this difficult time. I’ll miss you, my logical sister of another gentleman,” continued Lexie, who even said Daffney was struggling with mental health issues before her death and asked anyone who is experiencing similar difficulties to seek help.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, contact the Life Appreciation Center, a free 24-hour service at 188.

After Daffney’s live broadcast, friends, fans, and the Gwinnett County Police tried to locate the fighter on networks, phones, and even some of her old addresses, without success. Actor and also wrestler Mick Foley mobilized people on social media to try to keep in touch with a former wrestling star as she detected suicidal tendencies in her friend’s behavior on her live stream.

Daffney turned to her Instagram account for a live stream Wednesday night, apparently discussing the possibility of taking her own life. In it, Daffney seems to be holding a pistol and cries as she says to the camera, “Don’t you understand that I’m alone? Don’t you understand that?” Moments later she can be heard saying, “Remember, my brain goes to Boston.”

The desperate search for Daffney began next, with appeals on social media. “If anyone has a way to get in touch with Daffney Unger, or knows her address, please help,” Foley wrote. “She’s in a bad personal situation and is threatening to get hurt,” continued the wrestling legend, who even claimed that her calls to her friend’s cell phone went straight to voicemail. Impact Wrestling fighter Su Yung also posted messages of support and asked for prayers for Daffney, writing “we love you and we care about you @screamqueendaff”. However, every effort was in vain.

She left TNA in 2011 with controversy, since she sued the company for the injuries she sustained while fighting there, considering that she worked in an unsafe environment. At Bound for Glory 2009, she interfered in a Monster’s Ball match where he suffered a concussion. Months later she fought Miss Betsy in a tryout where she had to go to the hospital at the end. There she was diagnosed with deep bruising in the sternum, severe nerve impingement, and a concussion.

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