Known as Luke Harper or Brodie Lee, he passed away from a lung problem at age 41.

The news of Jon Huber’s death has been a huge blow to the world of professional wrestling. Known as Luke Harper in WWE and as Brodie Lee in AEW, the promoter he was working for today, Huber was one of the most beloved and charismatic wrestlers in wrestling today.

The fighter’s own wife indicated that the death had occurred due to a lung problem that Huber had been dragging for a long time, and not because of Covid-19. The AEW company issued a most emotional statement.

Known in the ring under the names of Mr Brodie Lee or Luke Harper, Jon Huber had not appeared on AEW television programming for a couple of months after his return last March.

The AEW and WWE mourn his death in separate statements

“The All Elite Wrestling family is heartbroken. In an industry full of good people, Jon Huber was exceptionally respected and loved in every way. A fierce and captivating talent, a thoughtful mentor, and just a very kind soul who flatly contradicted with his character as Mr Brodie Lee.

Jon’s love for his wife Amanda and their children Brodie and Nolan was evident to all of us who were fortunate to spend time with him, and we send our love and support to his beautiful family, today and forever. Jon’s popularity among his peers and his influence in the world of professional wrestling was global and transcended AEW, so this loss will be felt by many for a long time to come.

We were privileged to call Jon Huber a brother, a friend and one of us here at AEW, “reads the statement on social media with a picture of him.

For his part, his wife dedicated an emotional publication to the late fighter, his “best friend.” He assures that his “heart” is “broken” and that “there are no words” to explain the love he feels and how broken he is right now. It also clarifies that his death has nothing to do with Covid-19.

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