Antonio Salazar Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Antonio “El Hulk” Salazar, former player of Club Chivas, dies burned; he also played for Jaguares de Chiapas.

Antonio “El Hulk” Salazar, the former player of Club Chivas, dies burned at the age of 33. He was found dead in the municipality of Tonalá.

Reports indicate that the body of the former Chivas striker, Antonio “El Hulk” Salazar, was found dead inside his vehicle in Tonalá, on the border with the municipality of El Salto, Jalisco.

The report indicates that the body was found burned yesterday afternoon inside an abandoned vehicle.

How did Antonio “The Hulk” Salazar die?

According to what was reported by the Tonalá Police, the burned body of Antonio “El Hulk” Salazar was found inside a vehicle.

The events occurred in the Periférico Nuevo, through a gap that leads to a dam, meters after the Colinas Universidad subdivision.

At that point, municipal authorities came to attend to a report derived from C5, where a white Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle model 2018 was found, without any report of theft, completely burned.

So far it is not clear under what conditions the death of the former 33 – year – old striker took place.

Who was Antonio Hulk Salazar?

Antonio “El Hulk Salazar” played for Club Chivas at various stages of his career.

He debuted in March 2007, in the National Classic: Club Chivas vs. the Club America.

He only played three minutes.

After spending three years in Guadalajara, he moved to Jaguares de Chiapas to return to the Flock for six more months.

After trying his luck in the Liga de Ascenso y Expansión , with Altamira Futbol Club and Club Zacatepec , he tried his luck abroad.

In 2014 he went to soccer in Costa Rica with Santos de Guápiles where he spent a year.

In 2015 he went to play Cimarrones de Sonora, and then disappeared from the football scene.

Antonio Salazar was nicknamed the Hulk, because of his great physique, which was also one of his main weapons on the pitch.

Much was pointed out as the new “Omar Bravo” of Club Chivas, but the reality is that this comparison was very big.

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