Alegna Osorio Died: What Happened To Her?

There are allegations of negligence by the sports authorities in a striking case due to the circumstances.

Cuban hammer thrower Alegna Osorio died of head injuries suffered during an accident while training, the Cuban National Sports Institute (Inder) announced on Thursday.

Osorio, 19, was hit by a hammer at an athletic stadium in Cuba in April.

“We share this irreparable pain” with her family, said Osvaldo Vento Montiller, president of Inder.

Osorio finished fourth in the women’s event at the Youth Games held in Buenos Aires in 2018 and achieved bronze at the U-20 Pan American Championship two years ago.

Cuban mixed martial arts fighter Gustavo Trujillo denounced on his Facebook wall that the accident was due to the negligence of sports authorities.

“Coach Eladio Martín Hernández González was authorized by Yipsi Moreno González [National Athletics Commissioner and Deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power] to bring an athlete from the street (an athlete who does not belong to the National Athletics Team), which is not It is allowed in the training center ”, he indicated in his post.

“This athlete, during training, misusing the hammer throwing technique, projected this object against Alegna Osorio, causing a blow to the head, breaking her skull, and exposing the encephalic mass. Alegna was transported to the hospital in serious condition ”, he added.

In addition, he denounced that there is a silence that covers the case on the part of the sports authorities of that country.

For her part, the American hammer player Gwen Berry, who will compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games starting this Sunday, echoed Osorio’s death and expressed herself through her Twitter account: “I send my love to her family in these moments. This is very sad”.

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