Who Was Rosa Mariscal? And What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Actress Rosa Mariscal died this Thursday at the age of 52, according to the Spanish Film Academy through its social networks. Marshal, who has died of cancer, became popular thanks to the medical drama Hospital Central, starring pediatrician Andrea Valverde, who had a relationship with Dr.

Vilches, who was played by Jordi Rebellón, died in September as a result of a stroke. Another member of the cast of the series, Arturo Arribas, also died in January and was killed in a fire at her home.

Marshal worked at Central Hospital between 2000 and 2003 and appeared in about eighty episodes. Her character was a doctor of humble origins who was eager to progress, who in the early seasons of the series lived a passionate love story with Dr. Vilches. At the end of the sixth season, the doctor left the hospital to go and live in the countryside with her sister. Mariscal’s television career also includes series such as Periodistas , Siete vidas or Herederos.

In the field of cinema she worked in films such as Agujetas en el alma by Fernando Merinero, Cuando vuelvas a mi lado by Gracia Querejeta, orLove, curiosity, prozak and doubts by Miguel Santesmases.

In theater she will participate in works such as Fuenteovejuna,  Poeta en Nueva York, Yerma and Todos were my children.

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