Mirna Almada, who is one of the athletes of Exatlón United States 2021, a Telemundo reality show, is a nursing assistant in a nursing home, currently based in Odessa, Texas. She is a member of the team of Contenders, represented by the color blue, from the fifth season.

Mirna is presented in the arenas of República Dominada on Friday, April 2 during the show’s 58th episode. She arrived as a replacement for Ana Claudia Chacón, also from Contendientes, who is leaving Exatlón USA, due to an injury, which required a recovery time of at least eight weeks.

Who is Mirna Almada, Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021 athlete, Telemundo show

Mirna Almada, who is Mexican, was born in Arizona Texas to parents and raised in Sonora in northern Mexico, according to her biography available on the official Exatlón page on Telemundo, which has the rights to the competition in the US or USA.

“She started in sports since she was little. She practiced volleyball for 5 years, softball for 2 years, and handball for 8 years. Through handball he obtained a scholarship and studied Educational Sciences. She also participated in many national competitions with her college handball team ”.

Exatlón Estados Unidos | Telemundo

Mirna Almada from Exatlón Estados Unidos also appears on Instagram as Mirna Borbolla. She is 25 years old and is in charge of her nephews in the US, as her sister died five years ago.

Among the qualities of Mirna in the arenas of Exatlón UA is her infallible aim, although her teammates recommended that she improve her speed from the beginning of her participation.

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