Ramonets: One Of The Members Of The Group Dies

Urbano Madrigal died this morning at his home in Burjassot

Urbano Madrigal, a member of the family rock band Ramonets , died today at the age of 41 , as confirmed by sources from this musical group to which Urbano belonged since its inception. Born in Burjassot , Urbano did not sing or play any instruments, but he was a pivotal member of Ramonets concerts , acting as an entertainer and playing various roles during performances.

According to sources from the group, the death took place this morning in the artist’s own home and, for the moment, the causes of his death are unknown. ” He went to bed last night and in the morning his partner realized that he had passed away,” a Ramonets spokesperson explained to this newspaper.

Ramonets is preparing the release of his new album and has a presentation concert scheduled for next March 20 at the Teatre Principal in València. The sources consulted have indicated that, despite the blow that Urbano’s death has meant for the band, the intention is to maintain the programming as a way of paying tribute to him.

This morning, after the news was made public, Ramonets posted on social networks a farewell on behalf of Urbano and in which he assures that “I have been able to make many dreams come true by making you dance, vibrate and above all, smile to the rhythm of rock and roll. I have felt full, great, and loved. Whenever I have been on stage I have received more than I have given, in the form of screams, laughter and, above all, love ”.

“I am happy, as always,” the statement concludes, “and very congratulations for having shared this project with my fellow Ramonets, to whom I leave the mission of continuing to make it possible for boys, girls, and adults to continue enjoying music, humor, and the good vibes ”.


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