Norma Merlo Died: How Did Actress Die?

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), but established in La Paz (Bolivia) since 1975, the film, theater, and television actress Norma Merlo made her mark on the Bolivian performing arts. This morning, social networks woke up paying tribute to him after her death at the age of 86, at the seat of Government, for various health complications due to diabetes. Her husband, the communicator Pedro Susz, shared the news.

“This morning very early Norma, my beloved life partner, left us physically, but she took the affection and affection of all who sent her (us) such beautiful messages of appreciation. And of course, she leaves that mark and that example to the that everyone alluded to in their expressions, “ Susz wrote on Facebook.

In Bolivia, Merlo worked at the Cinemateca Bolivia, promoting various cultural projects, and was a member of the Teatro Tiempo casts and the stable group of the National Institute of Music and Performing Arts (INMAE), dependent on the Vice Ministry of Cultures. 

He worked on the stage with important national figures such as Luis Bredow, Maritza Wilde, Marta Monzón, Rose Marie Canedo, Mabel Rivera, among others, in more than twenty works that crossed borders.

Author of children’s works, an expert in storytelling as well. He also had a notable stint in audiovisuals, on television, and in films such as  Cuestion de Fe, by Marcos Loayza and  The Day in which Silence Died, by Paolo Agazzi.


“Dear Norma, may the trip of your life that enriched us so much, console yours. Pedro, you have shared a companion who always believed in the essential values ​​of great little things. A hug in solidarity and a tribute to that great woman”, wrote former President Carlos Mesa.

“(…) Norma’s presence in Bolivian cinema and theater leaves a beautiful trace of joy in the interpretation of the most diverse roles,” said the writer Alfonso Gumucio.

“(…) She is not only a great name, but she has also been a wonderful woman who achieved a high position in the theater in Bolivia. Her contribution to art was invaluable. She will be a star that illuminates our culture,” says the condolence of the cultural manager Norma Campos.

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