Niurka’s ex-boyfriend comes out of the closet: Who is Eduardo Antonio’s heartthrob?

The actor and singer Eduardo Antonio, who was one of the boyfriends that Niurka Marcos has publicly confessed that he has loved the most in his life, and with whom he lived a torrid relationship in 2010, came out of the closet and claimed to be having one of the best stages of his life.

The Cuban, whose sexual orientation had been repeatedly questioned, not only openly revealed that he lives a beautiful relationship with a man, but he does not stop showing off on his social networks.

The nice artist used his social networks to present the owner of his heart, a young man younger than him, with whom he is very happy.

And after making the announcement on his Instagram, Eduardo Antonio took the opportunity to send a message to those who criticize him.

“Life is a very short journey. Either you get on their train or you wait on the platform. I got on a train where I am happier than ever ”, revealed the singer in one of his publications.

10 years ago, while he was the boyfriend of Niurka Marcos, their relationship was highly publicized in different media, and even the fans of the couple do not forget that they arrived together, dressed as a bride, to a Lo Nuestro Awards.

And despite the constant comments about his alleged homosexuality, the singer insisted that he was not gay. Even in an interview with Don Francisco in 2010, as it was reviewed at that time by People en espanol , the man claimed not to be homosexual.

“I’m not gay, I’m not gay,” declared the 52-year-old Cuban today, leaving a door open on his sexual tastes. “But my privacy, my fantasies and my morbidities are mine and I leave them in a closed door in my room with whom I make love.”

The relationship with Niurka soon ended and she was very affected, even crying in front of the cameras, criticizing the press for what she classified at the time as attacks against her boyfriend.

So far, the Cuban star has not referred to her ex’s decision to come out of the closet.

The expressions of support and affection on the part of Eduardo Antonio’s followers have not been long in coming, and the vast majority have applauded his decision and love to see him so happy.

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