Joseph Tavárez Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

According to the press today, in recent days Tavárez had reported that he had to undergo a catheterization.

The communicator and numerologist Joseph Tavárez died of a heart attack, who made a career in radio and television, most recently with predictions through Control Diamante.

The information was also provided by the communicator Joseph Cáceres. “We regret the death of the announcer and art chronicler Joseph Tavárez, who in the 80’s was part of our Arete Nacional program on Radio from Radio Azul in Santiago. He died of a heart attack,” he wrote.

According to the press today, in recent days Tavárez had reported that he had to undergo catheterization and that he would request intervention at Dr. Cruz Jiminián’s clinic because he did not have medical insurance.

Tavárez was an announcer since the middle of the 20th century and his work area was concentrated in the North region, especially in Santiago de los Caballeros, where he died this Tuesday.

José Agustín Tavárez Gil given name of Joseph Tavárez was 55 years old, he was a native of Santiago.

In addition to his work in traditional media, he was a visionary with digital platforms and maintained a presence on YouTube from where he carried out various activities as a motivator and speaker.

Tavárez had more than four decades in the media, he worked at Radio Azul, KV 94, Tv Can, Musi Can, Sabadazo with Pachá, he directed the portal “La Revista”, “Control”, the radio space “Los Dueños del Mediodía” on Comando 88, “Pa’lante con el pueblo” on Monumental FM and worked with Frederick Martinez on “Pégate y Gana con el Pachá” for Color Vision for ten years.

Through the space Pegate y gana con el Pachá, Tavárez dedicated himself to numerology and was a motivator for other people to achieve prosperity; In addition, he worked on several television projects with Nelson Javier.

Through the Control Diamante platform, he stood out as a “numerologist” and motivator and created the Control Diamante platform from where he carried out several activities, including “The Impossible is Possible, conceived as a lecture – motivational show, where people learned to grow in times of difficulties, emotional and economic crises, taught with the philosophy of Control Diamante, a system that


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