José Luis Losa Dies At The Age Of 47

The body of the winner of the survival reality show and contestant on ‘Masterchef’ has been found at his home in the town of Munera, in Albacete

José Luis Losa, the winner of Survivors 2017 and former Masterchef contestant, died this Saturday at the age of 47. His body has been found at his home in the town of Munera (Albacete), without the reason for his death has transpired, at the express wish of his family.

The chef died just two months after his wife, Inma Simarro, died of a heart attack as a result of diabetes at the age of 48. The marriage leaves two children.

Two days of mourning in the Albacete town of Munera 

It has been the newspaper ‘El Digital de Albacete’ which has transmitted the sad news through its website. According to the media, the town “is dismayed after this fatal news”. The director of the newspaper, Javier Romero, has assured in an intervention in Saturday Deluxe that two days of official mourning have been decreed in the town of Albacete.

“He has tried to live, but life has been able to him”

Iván González, José Luis’s partner in Survivors 2017, has told in Sálvame Delux that he spoke with him two days ago and confesses that he found that he felt “a little lonely”: “He has tried to live, but life has been able to him”, he regrets, especially for his children: “It hurts a lot for them, José Luis loved them madly”.

He had lost his wife only two months ago

José Luis Losa had to face the death of his wife, Inma Simarro, only two months ago,  whom we met as his defender on the Telecinco reality show.

It was Lucía Pariente, mother of Alba Carrillo, who maintained a strong friendship with her by coinciding on the sets of Telecinco as defenders of her husband and daughter respectively, who was in charge of making this sad news public through her social networks.

José Luis Sosa spoke of the loss of his wife in ‘Sálvame’

José Luis Losa visited Save me a month ago to talk about the hard time he was going through after suddenly losing his wife. “It was unexpected, a big palace, she led a very healthy life,” he said, confessing that life was very “hard”: “When I get home I sink whole,” he said, assuring that he was coping with the help of psychologists.

From competing in ‘MasterChef’ to winning ‘Survivors 2017’

Chef, industrial painter, and truck driver, José Luis Losa became known after participating in the fourth edition of the MasterChef (TVE) culinary contest. Three years later, Losa decided to head to Honduras and participate in the 2017 edition of Survivors, of which he ended up becoming the winner.


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