Javier López Díaz Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The king of Puebla radio, Javier López Díaz, died this Tuesday of a sudden heart attack.

The news was released through social networks, in which several journalists from the state of Puebla gave their condolences.

One of them, Juan Carlos Valerio, from Grupo Imagen, reported the loss through his personal Twitter account.

“With deep pain, I report the death of my dear friend Javier López Días, I am dismayed by the news, I send a big hug to his entire family,” he said.

For their part, communicators such as Valentín Varillas, Ricardo Morales, and Alberto Rueda also shared the event, in which they stated that the death occurred due to a sudden heart attack.

“Today Puebla radio is in mourning, my teacher Javier López Díaz died. Rest in peace, boss, ”one of them said.

Who was Javier López Díaz?

Nicknamed “The King of Rating”, Javier López Díaz was a 33-year-old journalist who was the leader of the most listened to radio newscast in Puebla.

With the program “Good morning” he became a reference point in Puebla thanks to La Red, a site where Javier López Díaz opened the microphone to listen to complaints and news that came first-hand from citizens.

According to various journalists, “the king of rating”, Javier López Díaz, was still in charge of the Cinco Radio space this Tuesday at 5:30 am.

Miguel Barbosa send condolences for the death of Javier López Díaz

It should be noted that the governor of the state of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa send his condolences to the family of Javier López Díaz for his death.

The message was shared through social networks, in which the Puebla owner expressed his most sincere condolences for his family and work team.

“On behalf of my family and in a personal way, I add myself to the regret for the loss of the great journalist Javier López Díaz , @RedLopezDiaz.”

“I express my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and team. To all the journalistic union, my solidarity. Rest in peace, ”Barbosa wrote.

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