Isabel Torres Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

The Canarian actress and presenter, who suffered from lung cancer, said goodbye to her followers with a video on networks last November.

The actress and presenter Isabel Torres has died at the age of 52 due to lung cancer. In 2018, she was diagnosed with this cancer that was getting worse due to bone metastasis. In recent years, she has experienced moments of recovery and relapses that have led her to remain withdrawn from the media. In November 2021, she made public the serious diagnosis that the doctors had given her and she said goodbye to her followers on the networks.

It has been through their social networks from where the sad news has been announced. ” Today, February 11, 2022, we say goodbye to Isabel. Although her family and friends feel her loss deeply, we know that wherever she goes she will have fun as only she knows “, reads the text in which thanks are also given for all the samples of affection received. ” She has left feeling very loved and protected,” she concludes.

It was the actress herself who, after the premiere of ‘Veneno’, communicated to her followers the illness she was suffering from and what state she was in. Since then, in March 2020, she has kept all her followers informed of the steps she took in her treatment, the interventions she underwent, and how she was at all times through from Instagram. Isabel Torres has always claimed to feel very loved and accompanied by her followers during her illness, so she did not hesitate to be honest with all of them when the doctors told her that ” she had two months to live “.

After this harsh statement, the actress visited the set of ‘Saturday Deluxe’ to receive an emotional tribute from the program. She left there lessons of positivity and hope and she told how she was taking advantage of her possible last moments to enjoy them with her family and friends. In addition, the program had the detail of giving her Ondas Award for Best Actress, shared with her companions Jedet and Daniela Santiago, who she had not been able to go to collect due to her delicate health situation. Weeks later, Isabel did not hesitate to share some images of her on her personal Instagram account where she was still very positive and hopeful: ” When life turns grey, wear a slutty red… A passionate red” she said in one of her last photos in which she posed with red lipstick.


With the death of Isabel Torres, the world of acting has lost a great star. An actress who was slow to find success and did so thanks to the ‘Veneno’ series. Although her career began many years ago and she was a very popular face on Canarian television, it was not until 2020 that the general public knew her giving life to Cristina Ortiz, La Veneno. In the aforementioned visit by Isabel Torres to ‘Sábado Deluxe’, she herself recounted how she had always wanted to work at Telecinco. She could not fulfill that dream, but she did appreciate it in Mediaset programs such as ‘The contest of the year’ and in many others from different networks.

Isabel Torres was a benchmark for the trans community and a true pioneer. In 1996, she became the first trans woman to have her sexual identity recognized on her DNI in the Canary Islands and a decade later, in 2005, she was the first trans woman to be a candidate for Las Palmas Carnival Queen. . This opened the doors to media such as the now-defunct magazine Interviú, of which she was on the cover, or the Antena 3 Canarias program ‘We’re going to the beach’, which she presented in 2010. Without a doubt, Isabel Torres was an example of the struggle, of self-improvement and talent that leaves us with great lessons and a great void for all of us who admire and applaud their work.

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