Hugo Cabrera Died: How Did Dominican Basketball Star Die?

Santo Domingo, Mar 23 – Former Dominican basketball star Hugo Cabrera died this Tuesday at the age of 67 in Miami (USA), where he resided, due to pancreatic cancer that he was diagnosed at the beginning of last year. reported related.

Cabrera, considered one of the most complete Dominican basketball players of all time, confirmed in March 2020 that he suffered from pancreatic cancer and then asked his compatriots to pray for him.

Hugo Cabrera had been struggling with the disease for more than a year, for which he received medical attention at various hospitals in the United States. (External source)

“We regret the death of” El Inmenso “Hugo Cabrera, a glory of Dominican basketball, losing the battle against Cancer. May he rest in peace,” the Dominican Basketball Federation (Fedombal) posted on Twitter.

While the National District Basketball Association (Abadina) declared a duel “for the departure of Hugo Cabrera, the glory of the Dominican sport, of our association and to whom our 2016 tournament was dedicated. Rest in peace, Immense.”

Cabrera played with the San Lázaro team and was a member of the Dominican Republic national team. He also played for the Naco and Los Mina teams. His greatest achievements occurred with the National Team at Centro Básquet 75 and 77.

Cabrera, known as “El Inmenso”, was elected the Most Valuable Player of the 1977 Centrobasket, which was held in Panama, where the Dominican Republic won the gold medal, the first important national basketball title in its history.

A year earlier he became the first Dominican to be chosen in an NBA draft when he was selected in the tenth round by the Milwaukee Bucks, although he never made the big team.

Years later he was called to train by the New York Knicks, but he could not make the leap and don the flannel of that set, with which he came to the country to play a series with the Dominican team.

He was a member of the Dominican squad for almost two decades, in addition to reinforcing in the leagues of Italy, Italy, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

Hugo Cabrera was born in Santo Domingo and was exalted as a basketball player at the 1998 Ceremonial.

In the country it was part of the San Lázaro, Naco and Los Minas clubs.

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